How to rise happy every morning

Waking up on the right side of the bed all the time is no easy feat. Why? Well, aside from bed being one of the greatest places ever, it can feel a bit overwhelming to face your busy day ahead when you’re warm and snug under the covers, especially in the cooler months.
Read on for five sure-fire solutions to help you rise happy and have you skipping out the door:
Get 8 hours

A no brainer, but absolutely vital. There are so many reasons why a solid night’s sleep is super beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Not only will you feel more alert and productive in the early hours of the day, your skin will glow and you can say goodbye to baggy eyes. Now that’s something to smile about!

 Sweet sounds

“The sweet sound of my morning alarm” – said no one ever! Even the most harmonious of jingle is usually going to sound pretty unwelcome when you’d rather stay in dreamland. What we’ve found works a treat is an old-school radio alarm. Music in the morning has been proven to boost morale, and we sometimes even double the effect with a boogie to boot!

 Eye on the prize

What’s the only thing that comes close to bed on the goodness-scale? You guessed it – food! Knowledge is power, so use this to your advantage and keep your fridge and pantry stocked with delicious breakfast-fare worth getting out of bed for. Healthy options such as delicious crunchy granola with fruit, avocado on toast and coconut water based smoothies are our personal favourites. (Check out some great ideas here!)

 Quality threads

Walk the walk, wear the talk? Anyway, we are huge fans of keeping our sleepwear up to scratch. Most preferred traits of the kits we wear to bed to ensure we’re kept snoozing stress-free and wake up feeling good? Natural fabrics, eco-conscious brands and a comfortable easy-breezy fit.

 Stay positive

Real talk: mornings can be a bit bleurgh from time to time – it happens! Positive self-talk can be a great way to turn the day around if your morning routine wasn’t quite as you would have liked. Sometimes it will be and sometimes it won’t, and this doesn’t necessarily have to define your whole day! Be kind to yourself.

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