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“Always listen to your body—your body knows what it needs”

Cocobella Ambassador Monika of @nomadicfitfoodie’s Instagram feed is one we always pay attention to! Her images of delicious smoothie bowls, warming porridge and fruit parfaits are a constant source of inspiration and we could spend all day scrolling through of her amazing and colourful food-centric snaps.

We chatted to Monika about some of her own creative cooking motivations; her enthusiasm for healthy living, where she likes to brunch on the weekends, her favourite accounts in her Instagram community and some tips and tricks behind capturing the perfect foodie snap.

Check it out below, enjoy and happy reading!


Hi Monika, thanks for chatting to us! Your feed is so inspiring and vibrant to look at. Where did your interest in being so creative in the kitchen come from?

Hi guys, thanks for having me! My enthusiasm for healthy cooking began from seeing so many foodies out there snapping their creations on Instagram. I thought to myself, I can give that a go. And here we are!


We can see you stick to a nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. What led you to this lifestyle choice?

It all started for me six years ago. The lifestyle I was living back then wasn’t a healthy one. I needed a change, so I started training in the gym and made changes to my eating. I discovered that finding a healthy balance between working out and eating healthier made my life so much better and my energy levels soared!

@nomadicfitfoodie recipe inspiration instagram

Thanks so much for the delicious Cocobella Pumpkin Soup recipe you shared with us! What is your favourite savoury dish to whip up for lunch and dinner?

I’d definitely have to say a pasta salad. It’s so easy to pull together when you’re short on time. My favourite would have pesto tuna pasta salad.


What is your favourite local café in your hometown of Melbourne? Do you have a favourite dish? Who do you like to go out for brunch with?

Satoria in Preston is my most preferred local, it’s great! My favourite dishes are The Bernina and The Designer. My brunch dates are with my friends whenever we can catch up.


Your photos are always styled so nicely, what tips and tricks can you share to assist in creating such great images?

My number one tip is to use natural lighting. I love it, and it makes my food easily relatable to real-life experiences. Number two is colour. Colour plays a huge part in my photos, so the more colour variation and contrast you can include, the better. Number three is consistency.

Find a concept or theme you like and run with it—mine is quite obvious with my smoothie bowls and porridge! Lastly, just have fun with your photos!


Do you have a number one dish to cook that, although challenging, is always sure to impress?

I’d have to say my favourite culinary challenge is a Chocolate Blackforest Cake. Baking sweets and desserts isn’t something I attempt often, but when I do, I make sure I go all out!

@nomadicfitfoodie recipe inspiration instagram

What’s your go-to recipe to whip up when friends pop over unannounced?

Bliss balls are the go to saviour snack! Not only are they healthy and super easy to whip up, but the potential flavour combinations re seemingly endless and it’s something I never tire of making!


What is your favourite thing about connecting with like-minded followers on Instagram?

The thing I love the most about Instagram is that it is a community sharing and participating in a common interest. It’s wonderful to engage with other like-minded individuals and discover new and exciting ways to employ healthy and wellbeing into a balanced lifestyle. I love finding new recipes and finding new people to follow that keep me inspired and motivated all year round.


Could you share your top 5 Instagram accounts when it comes to sourcing inspiration for your own culinary adventures?






@nomadicfitfoodie recipe inspiration instagram

In your opinion, what is important to keep in mind when engaging in a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

Two major things: always listen to your body—your body knows what it needs; and, balancing healthy eating and regular exercise are super important to keep your body running at it’s best.

Thanks, Monika!

Check out Monika’s recipes for Cocobella Coconut and Lime Protein Bliss Balls and Cocobella Pumpkin Soup.

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