3 Tips for Healthy Snacking on the Road

Whether it’s discovering hidden bush tracks or exploring coastal areas, Australia has some breathtaking views to experience when travelling by car. Road trips are not only a great way to take a mini-break but also offer you an opportunity to bond with your friends while having some quality time in the great outdoors. It’s time to set your spirit free! Essential to this mix are the snacks you pack to take along with you. We’ve popped together some ideas to help you prepare delicious and healthy snacks while you’re on the road.

1. Choose wisely

Pre-prepping your snacks from home is a great way to make sure you’re ticking off a variety of healthy ingredients from the five food groups—exploring with friends requires energy! A few tasty Cocobella-inspired snack-foods to consider are this Coconut and Lime Bliss Balls recipe, protein-packed and oh-so-delicious; and our brand new Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt range, perfectly paired in a screw top jar with fresh fruit and crunchy granola. Some other great options are nuts, fresh fruit, raw slices, vegetable sticks and hummus. Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland and boring. Discover some delicious options and go for it!

Fressko #cocobellamyway

2. Eco-packaging

Snack foods don’t have to be unkind to the planet, it’s all about using smart packaging options. The best way to channel eco-vibes is to eliminate single-use plastic wherever possible. This could mean using your own reusable containers (including drink bottles, try a Cocobella Infusion in a Fressko Flask instead) and avoiding plastic wrap as though your life depended on it! Life Without Plastic, Eco Lunchbox and LunchBots have some great reusable options – check them out. Your food will be fresher and our environment will be happier. It really is a win for all.

3. Sharing is caring

Use your networks! Sourcing culinary tips from friends, family, beloved cookbooks and online communities is a great place to source ideas. So much of our healthy snack inspiration comes from the recipe sharing of our Instagram community, we really do learn so much from our fans (you guys are super clever!). Sharing and seeking out “snack-spo” can help you find new, surprising food combinations and learn more about your snack choices—just like these delicious Raw Raspberry Bliss Balls by our ambassador @Healthi4happy. Our best advice: keep it healthy, keep it delicious and you can’t go wrong!

Created a Cocobella-inspired snack success recently? Experienced a fun road trip with you best friends? Please share it with us by tagging @purecocobella and #cocobellamoment. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

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