4 Low Impact Workouts Perfect for Hot Days

With the silly season well and truly behind us, January is the perfect time to realign with our health and fitness goals and shed the effects of end-of-year stress (and perhaps too much partying!) To help you get started, we’ve collected a few ideal fitness ventures that are possible (and even enjoyable!) under the hot Australian sun.

Image via @whitezebra.fitbod

Image via @whitezebra.fitbod

Read on and kick start you New Year fitness goals today:



Let’s start with a no brainer! Swimming is the natural way to stay fit and cool during the warm summer months. Plus, the health benefits of swimming and water-bound activities are astonishing: increased blood flow, lung health, muscle strength and general wellness. Swimming is also available to varying abilities – whether you’re in the mood for some serious laps or a quick paddle. And here’s a hot tip – swimming counts for both cardio and strength training. Winner!


Nature Hikes

Getting out of town and heading towards leafy national parks and reserves is an excellent way to get your heart rate up whilst absorbing a super refreshing environment and staying cool. Just make sure you keep the steep inclines and periods out of the shade to a minimum. A hot tip? Bring a buddy and some delicious healthy snacks to make a day of it!



Heading to your local Pilates studio or practicing solo at home is the perfect summertime exercise—it’s indoors and hopefully paired with a trusty air conditioner. What makes it even more hot-weather appropriate is the nature of the exercise—Pilates values quality over quantity, so you can move at your own pace to get the most out of your work out. Count us in!


Bike Riding

Cycling into the Great Outdoors is a great way to engage with your local area and socialise with friends and family, all whilst improving your cardio-vascular health. Many cities have wonderful bike paths that often fall under leafy shade in parks and reserves, just make sure you slip, slop and slap before you head out on your bike!

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