5 Guilt-Free Ways to Treat Yourself


Looking after those we love can come as second nature, but caring for yourself is just as important. We’re able to give our best to others when we make time for self-care. So, flip the love back onto yourself with these guilt-free treats that will have you feeling like #1 in no time!

1. The ideal dinner, for one

When you cook for other people or just for convenience, it’s easy to forget what you’d make purely for enjoyment. So, when was the last time you made an all-time favourite meal? If it’s been a while, this is your official reminder! For healthy and delicious, we love the Creamy Cocobella Yoghurt Vegan Curry.

2. Time for sweetness

Let’s face it – no meal is complete without a dessert! By making a sweet treat at home, you know exactly what goes from mixing bowl and into your body. This recipe for Coconut Matcha Bounty is perfect for movie nights in with friends.

3. Off the screen and onto paper

Take a well-deserved break from the Internet, dust off that notebook, and finally make the thing you’ve been meaning to. Being creative in any form is seriously satisfying, and as German painter, Joseph Beuys, said, ‘everyone is an artist’. This is your call to make it happen, and remember – starting is usually the hardest part.

4. Satisfy curiosity

Been eyeing off arial yoga? Curious about dancing in the dark? It’s easy to say “one day when I have the time” – but the truth is that now is the best time. Grab a friend, and treat yourselves to trying a new class or equipment, since there are so many ways of cultivating health, and because variety is what keeps life fun. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself before and after to give your body the best chance to take it all in.

5. Real dreams
Give yourself a dream life with a manifestation board. It’s a fun way to imagine what that ideal life is like, and to focus on making it come true. The board can be digital or physical, and is placed somewhere you look everyday. All you need to do is to get creative and fill it up with inspirational images. ‘Future you’ will be thanking ‘present you’ for doing this! Check the vision board from KIKKI K, or give Pinterest a try.


How do you treat yourself? Let us know your own tips or if you try any of ours, in the comments below or over on Instagram. Tag us at @purecocobella to share the self-care inspiration!



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