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Dating doesn’t have to just mean “dinner and a movie,” why not create some adventurous memories while taking advantage of the glorious Australian outdoors? Whether it be, kayaking or going on some summer treks, wow your next first date with some of these unique ideas.

Visit your local market

Start your day early and visit your local Organic Farmers’ Markets and peruse the fresh, in-season produce. Don’t be shy to ask the vendors questions about their produce and feel confident in the fact that you’ll be supporting local farmers and eating non-GMO produce.

The diverse array of food is a great time to stock up on organic fruit and vegetables for the week (why not kill two birds with one stone?) and it’s a great opportunity to pick up some bargains and have some fun while you both try on vintage clothing for a new look!

Bike riding

See the city from a different perspective and explore the winding bike paths and parklands around your area. Bike riding can be both social and a great way to keep fit and active with your date.

Make pit stops when you find cute places to rest and enjoy being a part of nature. Check out our Social Cycling blog post for more bikes tips here.

Image via @lingwangphoto

Image via: @lingwangphoto

Picnic in the sun

After finding the perfect, romantic spot during your bike ride, set up a picnic lunch and enjoy some of the fresh produce purchased earlier in the day. Keep active and relive your childhood by playing Frisbee or kite flying, a great opportunity to bond with and get to know your date.

Lie on the grass, cloud-watching and using your imagination and creativity to find images in the clouds. Make sure you pack a blanket just in case it gets cold, the perfect time to snuggle up with your guy or girl.


For the treasure hunter in all of us, explore the world of Geocaching, a global scavenger hunt that sees players search for ‘geocaches’ hidden all over the world. All you need is the app and a date with sense of adventure and you’ll find yourself obsessively looking for trinkets all around your local area.

Once you’ve located a geocache close by, a series of hints and the latitude and longitude coordinates help to locate its position. Every geocache is unique, which adds to the excitement of the hunt. If the geocache is filled with objects, hunters are encouraged to swap objects, giving you a little memento of your geocaching experience. Once you’ve found the geocache, sign the logbook to let everyone know that you found the geocache as a couple! There are over 2 million geocaches hidden around the world, with Australia having over 42,000 of the little treasures.

Berry picking

Take a day trip to pick some delicious and nutritious berries. Whether its raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries, all these juicy little wonders are rich in antioxidants, are extremely high in vitamin C and are the perfect summer snack, especially when eaten fresh. With berry-picking season generally falling between December to early March, what better way to soak up the sun, keep active and eat healthily, all with that special someone by your side. Leftovers can be made into delicious summer fruit smoothies or even a delectable berry sorbet! We love this vegan, gluten-free mixed berry and coconut water sorbet recipe via The Food Click.

Images via: The Food Click

Image via: The Food Click


Image via: @stephannking


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Image via: @cele_ladore

Rock climbing

Don’t live in the mountains? Have no fear … unless it’s of heights, as there are numerous rock climbing gyms and centers in many cities. First time climbers are well supported by the many excellent trainers and once you’re comfortable on the wall, rock climbing can act as an excellent trust and communication building exercise for you and your date as you take turns belaying and climbing, helping each other navigate the climb. Make sure you bring comfy clothes and a fearless attitude.

Image via: Hard Rock Climbing

Image via: Hard Rock Climbing

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