Amassador Photo Diary – Chloe Sun

We have always been big fans of Cocobella Ambassador Chloe Sun’s Instagram feed – full of delicious healthy snacks, baking ventures and coastal views (sometimes we can’t help but wonder if her life is one big holiday!)

We sat down with Chloe to talk about the inspiration behind our 5 favourite photos in her feed:


What a beautiful view! What are your 5 essentials for a day at the beach?


This was taken on the way to a cute little cafe to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We all spontaneously decided to go for a dip – so much fun!

My five essentials for the beach would definitely have to be coconut tanning oil, good company, fresh fruit, sunglasses and some coconut water to keep cool and hydrated.


This looks like a dream! What is your absolute favourite ingredient to add to your morning smoothie bowl?


My number one would have to be a mango smoothie bowl (although berry comes a very close second place). Mango smoothies are one of my favourite things about summer.


We got some serious wanderlust staring at this photo. That view! What is your #1 travel destination?


It’s so hard to choose, but I’d have to say Bali is my favourite. It’s an affordable trip from Perth, the food is delicious, the beaches are beautiful and the people we met there were so lovely. I’d definitely go back!


This snap makes us want to hit the dance floor ASAP! What do you usually get up to with your friends on the weekend for fun?


This photo was taken at the Sam Smith concert. It was an amazing night!

When uni work dies down a bit, me and my friends like to go out, grab some food and a few drinks, and see where the night takes us! Otherwise, for a more relaxed night, we stay home and watch movies or do some baking. Either way, there is a lot of girl talk involved!


Such a gorgeous photo of you Chloe, would you mind sharing your top 5 tips for staying relaxed and happy?


Thank you so much!

Finding time to relax is definitely one of my biggest challenges, especially with a busy uni/work schedule.

The following activities always make me feel happy and relaxed:

  1. Exercising at least 3-5 times a week (lifting weights helps expel all that stress!)
  2. Art and craft, I like to color or draw/doodle to relax and unwind.
  3. Baking and trying new recipes keeps me inspired.
  4. The outdoors and exploring nature with my boyfriend.

Watching movies and taking the time to chill out, sometimes lazy is good!

Thanks Chloe! You can check out her Instagram here.

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