Ambassador Photo Diary – Andrea Brown

Andy of @eatwithandy resides in sunny Perth with her dog Lily, and when it comes to fresh, wholesome vegan food, she’s your gal. Her blog is filled with accessible, nutritious recipes and a quick scroll through her feed will have you planning a trip to the market, pronto! We recently caught up with her to take us behind the scenes of five of our favourite shots.

Andy this setting is divine! And we’ve seen your cute dog Lily cropping up in lots of your shots, what a cutie. What’s your favourite season and why?

Andrea Brown

This photo was taken in late autumn in Perth, but my favourite season will always be summer. Luckily we get about 7-8 months of warm weather each year. Summer in Perth is amazing!

You’re obviously incredibly creative in the kitchen, your feed has such diverse meals that often look like they take you a lot of time and planning! What are you go-to meals for those times when you’re exhausted and need food, fast?

Andrea Brown Cocobella Interview

I always make meals that are quick and easy. I currently work 50 hours a week and am studying on top of that, as well as running my blog, so I like to use my downtime as efficiently as possible! Sometimes I’ll spend a bit longer in the kitchen cooking something awesome, but during the week my meals are simple, yummy and packed with nutrients! My go-to meals during the week are stir fries like the one pictured, buddha bowls or my red lentil soup (recipe here) or mexican chilli (recipe here).

We know you love trips to the fruit and veggie market. How do you approach your weekly shop? Do you have a chat to stallholders and improvise or are you more considered, approaching it with a strict list? What item do you always purchase at the markets We guess bananas!

Andrea Brown Interview

When I first transitioned into plant-based eating, I would research recipes and go to the markets each week with a list. A few years on and I rarely take a list with me, I usually buy the same staples and then improvise based on what is on special or in season, or if there’s something I’m really craving that week.

My staples week-in week-out no matter the season are bananas, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms and carrots.

You seem to get on the road and explore a fair bit! We love this photo, it looks so peaceful out there. What are your favourite Aussie travel destinations and where is somewhere you would love to go but haven’t yet?

Andrea Brown Interview

 I do love exploring the outdoors. This photo was taken on a road-trip in South Australia, that I did last year with my friend @alexbeckett_. I absolutely love both the south west corner of Western Australia and northern NSW including Byron Bay. I haven’t been to Tasmania yet, and I’m dying to go. The landscapes there look amazing.

We love this shot because vegan pizzas seem to be few and far between! How do you find eating out as a vegan? Do you choose restaurants that advertise vegan-options or are you more than happy just to make-do with basic salad options knowing you can always fill up when you get home?

Andrea Brown Interview Vegan Pizza

On the contrary, vegan pizza is SO easy to find! You can pretty much order a vegetarian pizza without cheese and make it vegan from anywhere. But really good vegan pizza can be hard to come across. Eating out as a vegan does require a bit of prior planning and prep, but it’s so worth it. Before I was vegan I ate so many mediocre meals out because I didn’t plan ahead. Now I’m pretty much guaranteed to be eating something amazing every time. I’m not a big salad eater, so I definitely prefer to eat at places that have a few dedicated vegan options, or a good vegetarian dish they can amend.

Thanks Andrea!


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