Ambassador Photo Diary – Elise Loprete

When scrolling through the Instagram feed of Elise of @eliseloprete, we can’t help but crave outdoor gatherings on warm afternoons, or just an invite to one of Elise’s dos! Elise is a big fan of fresh food, stunning natural settings (those sunsets!) and adventures with friends, with the occasional cheese-board and vino in the mix. We caught up with Elise recently to chat about our 5 favourite shots from her stunning Instagram feed.

When it comes to floor parties, you’re a bit of a legend! We’re so inspired by your set-ups; stunning throws, cushions, an assortment of yummy things and some good mates in the mix. What are some tips for organizing an enjoyable gathering?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Elise Loprete

The first place to start is to invest in a few different coloured rugs or pieces of fabric, and take them with you wherever you adventure! Cushions are a must as well. Top it off with some colourful food, a pretty sky and some good company, and you’re set for a good time.

This was a dinner party some friends and I hosted. It was such a fun night filled with laughter, dancing and probably a few too many cocktails!


You certainly know how to prepare a good spread in the kitchen. Where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to thinking up menus?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Elise Loprete

It sounds silly but I literally wing everything in the kitchen. I’ve only recently started using measuring cups (I have to, when writing recipes for a living haha). I’ll whip something up and if it tastes good I write down what I put in it. I love getting creative, it’s fun for me!

My friend and I started a business called The Poor Girls Pantry roughly five months ago. Essentially, we’re two broke friends who love to eat healthily and both have food intolerances, so we try to inspire others with our limitations. We recently invited some of friends over for a Mexican fiesta, seeing how many people we could feed for $50.00; we fed nine people!


We can tell you’re often surrounded by your close pals, but when you’re in need of some ‘me-time’, how do you like to unwind?

I love running up the lighthouse in Byron, it honestly makes me so happy. It’s so beautiful and it always reminds me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. I go to the beach (a lot), I cook (a lot also), I write, read, listen to podcasts, or sit in nature whenever I can. For me, there’s nothing better than being outdoors.

There’s not really much to say about this pic! Who wouldn’t love to be laying in a bath surrounded by nature!!

This platter is mouth-watering! We especially love the variety of foods and colour. How important is it for you to prepare foods that look as incredible as they taste?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Elise Loprete

It’s honestly so important. When you’re on a tight budget like me, it’s sometimes hard when you know you can’t go out to enjoy food at a restaurant. I try and make my food look as pretty as possible, filled with lots of colour and love. It makes life that much better!

This fruit platter was for a friend’s baby shower. Such a magical set up, so of course the food had to look amazing. There’s nothing better than eating the colours of the rainbow and celebrating new life!


We love this shot because it’s a reminder to be child-like and see the beauty in the simple things. What are some of your favourite outdoor activities and adventures for a sunny day?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Elise Loprete

For a sunny day, going to the beach is at the top of the list; the ocean is such a powerful healer. I also love going into the hinterland and finding a waterfall, trying to surf (which I’m not very good at!), or just having a picnic somewhere with a great view. The list goes on! I am consistently trying to see the beauty in life, from the little to big things, it’s so important to look around you, and be grateful for the world we live in!


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