Ambassador Photo Diary – Elly Wright

Not only does Cocobella Ambassador Elly have one of the brightest and happiest feeds on Instagram, she also has some pretty inspirational messaging to share on positive self-image and caring for your body, inside and out. We chatted to Elly about our five favourite images from her feed, check it out below!


We’re always happier by the seaside! What’s in your beach essentials kit?



Me too! I spent most of my childhood living on Rottnest Island—the ocean is my happy place.

The most important thing on my list of beach essentials are my best pals, they really do make the world go around!

Equal second on my list is a huge juicy watermelon and some good tunes for a relaxing day by the sea.

I have been visiting this particular beach since before I was born, it’s almost a family tradition. My fondest memories of this place would have to be the summer nights spent watching the Australia Day fireworks from the back of our boat, or the countless days spent swimming in such beautiful water! This really is my favourite place.


What is your favourite lunch dish?


This is a tricky one! If I had to choose, it would have to be a smooth, creamy, dreamy bowl of nicecream. Bananas, in this case frozen and blended, are so versatile and so delicious! Add some peanut butter and a splash of coconut water and you’ve got yourself heaven in a bowl! Also, I’m convinced pretty food tastes better, so make sure you add lots of colourful toppings to your bowl.

This photo was taken at Flora and Fauna in Northbridge, Perth. They make the most incredibly beautiful meals. On this particular day I ordered banana bread and fruit salad, accompanied by an iced soy latte.


What type of activities do you like to get up to with your friends on the weekend for fun?



There’s nothing better than spending the day at the beach with my friends. You also can’t beat a successful day of shopping, or a delicious brunch date, or better yet; a perfect combo of all three. Add in a large soy latte and I’m in heaven!

This photo was taken at Rottnest Island, like the beach snap above! My family visits this place at least twice a year and daily swims are a must. Unfortunately, the beaches in Perth are a fair while away, but if the weather’s above 32degrees, then the trek is worth it!


Mmmhhhmmm. This bowl is a Team Cocobella favourite! Hard question, but what is your all-time favourite smoothie bowl combination?

Anything with peanut butter gets my tick of approval. My favourite smoothie bowl would definitely include banana, coconut water and peanut butter nicecream. It’s the perfect combination, nothing beats it in my opinion!

This smoothie bowl made for the perfect way to relax and unwind after my year 12 exams; after all, there’s nothing like a delicious bowl of food to cheer you up!


Such a stunning shot of you Elly! Please share your top five tips for staying happy and healthy all year around.


Aww you’re too kind, thank you! This photo was taken after a breakfast date with one of my best friends Freya. We were having a lovely time wandering around the city and came across this amazing piece of street art.

My five tips are:

  1. Self-Love. To achieve a state of physical and mental health and happiness, self-love comes first!
  1. Instead of constantly trying to change aspects of yourself, learn to be content with all that you are. Where encouraging yourself to stay motivated is perfectly okay, it must first come from a place of understanding and self-respect.
  1. Me time. Take time out of your day for you; relax, unwind and do something that makes you happy.
  1. Nourishing food. Your mind and body will thank you when you fill them with wholesome and healthy food.
  1. Good people. Surround yourself with those that make your heart sing. Positive people are such an important part of a happy, healthy life. There’s nothing quite like sharing moments with your favourite people – its sure to bring a smile to your face every time!


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