Ambassador Photo Diary – Gabi Mulder

Cocobella Ambassador Gabi of @gabimulder is a self-confessed sunshine chaser whose Instagram feed is definitely worth escaping to when you need to replenish those summer vibes! This talented photographer captures the spirit of our favourite season perfectly, featuring dreamlike scenes from the ocean to the countryside and inspiration for nourishing the body, mind and soul. We chatted to Gabi about our 5 favourite photos in her feed and the inspiration behind them.


You travel to some incredible places. You give us serious wanderlust! What are your 5 absolute favourite destinations you’ve been to so far?

@gabimulder Ambassador Photo Diary

This photo was taken in San Diego last summer. The girl in the photo is Karena, who is a California born and raised, free-spirited goddess. She lives in a little white beach shack by the sea, and owns the cutest little pup called Ziggy. I stayed with her while I was in SD and our days were spent wandering through farmer’s markets, cooking up feasts, hiking to deserted beaches and cliff tops. Safe to say my time in San Diego was all shades of wonderful.

I would have to say my top 5 destinations are:

  • Manhattan, NYC. I lived there last year and I cannot get enough of that incredible city. The energy, the spirit, the chaos and the beauty. Everything about NYC holds so much magic.
  • South Island, New Zealand. This is no doubt my favourite place on earth. The mountains, lakes, forests and crisp air. It makes me feel more alive than any other place. It is so untouched and real and raw (the way Earth should be).
  • Cinque Terre, Italy. These 5 villages along the coast of Italy hold more beauty than the eye can possibly handle. I’d recommend getting takeaway pizzas, sitting by the ocean and catching the sunset.
  • This was my first home and holds a very special place in my heart. Not just for its obvious natural beauty, but the people and spirit of that place is like nothing else. Ultimate island getaway!
  • The Bavarian countryside. Nestled on the border of Germany and Austria sits the most beautiful countryside. It felt like I was stepping into every one of my childhood fairy tales. Think snow-capped mountains, huge forests, rolling hills and clean, crisp air.


There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a bath. This shot is inspiration to take time out for some serious pampering. What are your favourite things to do when it’s time to #treatyourself?

@gabimulder Ambassador Photo Diary

I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to pampering myself. I find my number one go-to is salt water. If I’m feeling like some ‘me’ time, I’ll run down to the ocean in the late afternoon and jump straight under the waves. Nothing is more calming than watching the sun setting as you’re floating in the ocean.  If I’m in the mood for a bath, I like to put some candles on, play Bon Iver and drop some lavender oil into the water. Writing this has me craving a bath more than ever, perhaps after I finish this that’s what I’ll go do…


This photo evokes an instant feeling of calm. In these fast-paced and sometimes stressful lives everyone seems to lead, what are your top 5 tips or pastimes to recharge and relax?

@gabimulder Ambassador Photo Diary
  • Long walks. Nothing clears the mind more than a long walk along the beach, through the countryside, or even through a bustling city. I don’t usually like to put in headphones, but simply listen to my thoughts and all the sounds happening around me.
  • Spend time in the ocean. I read this wonderful quote recently that I completely agree with – “Everyone shouldhave themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature” – I believe this wholeheartedly, and I feel like the ocean does a pretty perfect job at bringing us all back down to earth.
  • Read good quality articles, books, magazines.
  • I love listening to podcasts when I have down time. Personal favourites at the moment are TED talks, Triple J, and Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • On a rainy afternoon I can generally always be found in my kitchen, cooking up a feast, in my pyjamas, with good quality tunes on repeat.


Coconuts, our favourite! It’s clear from your food photos that you really care about eating well. What are your top 5 essential foods to keep healthy and happy?

@gabimulder Ambassador Photo Diary
  • Sweet potatoes (so versatile!)
  • Roasted vegetables. Add a little bit of salt, pepper, rosemary and coconut oil and you’ve got yourself a feast!
  • Coconut water. I love to sort of half freeze my coconut water so it turns into a slushie (ultimate summer time drink).
  • Smoothie bowls. It’s so easy to pack so much goodness in! And somehow they always turn out delicious.
  • I make a great lentil Bolognese pasta and also great lentil tacos! These two are definitely on my dinner party menu.


You really capture the beauty and importance of good friends in your photos. What are your top 5 weekend adventures you do with your besties?

@gabimulder Ambassador Photo Diary

This photo was taken on our apartment rooftop in New York. We had all just moved into the apartment so the clear pots and canvases you can see in the back of this photo were painted that night by all of our friends to decorate the apartment. That night we had 9 of our friends on top of our rooftop, looking over NYC, painting, laughing, eating and singing along to Stef on the ukulele. Safe to say this night was a total dream.

With this roof top picnic in mind, I would have to say my 5 top weekend activities would be:

  • Picnics (mainly by the seaside).
  • Road trips to empty beaches. Messy hair, wet swimmers and singing along to the best summer tunes.
  • Late night dates to the cinema.
  • Morning coffee dates.
  • Dinner parties


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