Ambassador Photo Diary – Jessy Wallace

The feed of Cocobella ambassador Jessy Wallace is truly inspiring! With incredible nutrient-packed recipes, guidance on healthy body image, and some fun social and holiday snaps, this vegan babe has opened up her world to her followers, allowing them to be a part of her journey. We caught up with her recently to chat about behind the scenes of @jessy.wallace.

We love this photo, you look so relaxed! It’s clear from your feed that you not only really passionate about fitness and wellness, but healthy body image as well. What advice can you give to fans out there looking to get fit and healthy for summer? And what are you favourite summer foods and drinks to beat the heat?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Jessy Wallace

This is at my apartment building, I’m very fortunate to have a pool for these hot summer days. My sister in law and I were just relaxing and taking some pics. I maintain a healthy body image by doing whatever exercise makes me happy at the time and fueling my body with whole plant foods! It varies, including activities like pilates, outdoor walking and weights at the gym. I exercise for my mental health which in turn makes me love my body.

I’m currently obsessed with making ice-blocks with Cocobella coconut water and fresh fruit, I just blend it up and freeze in ice-block molds. My favourite is mango and coconut water, or pineapple mint and coconut water. The healthiest of treats to beat the summer heat.

We love this shot, it sets the perfect vibe for chilling at home, and gives us an insight into your downtime. Is taking time out for yourself important? What are your favourite things to do to relax/rejuvenate?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Jessy Wallace

I love filling my room with greenery, I live in a small apartment in an inner city suburb so it helps to bring a bit of nature in! I’ve always loved crystals, at one point I owned over 150, but I’ve culled it to just my favourites now. My favourite way to relax is to light candles, stretch my legs up against the wall and read a good book.

You’ve got great a great eye for style and beauty. We know you’re a very conscious shopper, what are your favourite brands of clothing and accessories that align with your values?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Jessy Wallace

I really like to buy my accessories from small brands or from boutique markets/vegan markets. I like supporting local Melbourne or Aus brands, my favourite bikinis are from Midnight Co. A lot of my other clothing is just basics or activewear. I remember this day clearly, it was the week I had just left my six-year relationship and I was at St Kilda beach relaxing and feeling really good about myself and the future!

You’re a bit of a star in the kitchen. We can tell you prefer savoury dishes over sweet. Are you continuously trying new flavours and recipes? Or do you have a few favourites that you always go back to? What’s your favourite way to incorporate Cocobella coconut water or yoghurt into your meals?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Jessy Wallace

I totally prefer savoury over sweet, and while I am a creature of habit most of the time, I can sometimes get on a roll with trying new flavours and recipes. My favourite dishes are sushi and pasta bake. My best ingredients would be cashews to make sauces, basil for flavour because I LOVE making pesto, and broccoli.

My favourite dish at the moment coming into summer is a green salad, with almond feta and mango, topped with a vegan chik’n scallopini from the Gardein brand. So fresh! I absolutely LOVE using Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt in natural flavour on top of curries or nachos, and I use Cocobella coconut water for smoothies and ice-blocks.

Your best mate is this very handsome pooch. Is a love of animals one of the reasons you decided to go vegan? What other deciding factors made you convert to this lifestyle? Is there any food you miss and have found hard to replace with a vegan alternative?

Ambassador Photo Diary - Jessy Wallace

Absolutely, I was very into sustainable eco living, grew a full vegetable and herb garden, had compost and so when I started looking into a vegan diet it seemed the natural next step. I’ve found that I love animals a lot more now, even things like snakes and spiders I would have been scared of beforehand, however now I’m just like “cool they’re just doing their thing, leave them on their way”. I’ve been vegan coming up three years this January, and my favourite blog would have to be, she literally covers everything and has the best recipes. I get a lot of inspiration from her blog.

There aren’t any foods I miss, being vegan, as there are so many great alternatives out there. Especially Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt in natural flavour as a replacement for sour cream.

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