Ambassador Photo Diary – Angie Trinh

Cocobella Ambassador Angie of @feedmeichi’s Instagram feed is desirable to say the least! Filled-to-the-brim with mouth-watering recipes that range from light and fresh to the most decadent of treats, there is a culinary delight to be found for each and every palette. We chatted to Angie about our five favourite images from her feed, check it out below!


Oh, the beauty of nature! How important is it for you to embrace the great outdoors every now and then?

Ambassador Photo Diary – Angie Trinh

My job as an optometrist means I spend most of my week indoors, so to create balance I spend a lot of time going for early morning walks. When I travel I always try to make sure I explore my surroundings by foot and I love spending time in national parks as well as by the ocean.

This photo was taken when I was holidaying in Tasmania with my husband, and we were on our way to Cradle Mountain. We were driving over a bridge and we saw this view, which made my husband quickly pull over so we could take a closer look. Tasmania is one of my favourite places to visit and I’m always in awe of the shades of blues and greens I see whenever we’re there.


Drool! What a delicious looking spread. What is your favourite antipasto/starter dish to whip up for friends and family? Any extra favourite ingredients?

Ambassador Photo Diary – Angie Trinh

This is a roasted eggplant dip that I was inspired to make by Jamie Oliver, he’s one of my favourite chefs and I have a lot of his cookbooks.

I’m really big on shared plates when it comes to eating because it builds up such a sense of community when everybody is reaching into the table to grab food.

When tomatoes are in season and I’ve got fresh basil growing in the garden, I love making bruschetta as a starter because it’s quick to whip up and it’s fresh and tasty. Some kitchen staples I always have in my kitchen are eggs, cheese, pasta, garlic and chilli – with those I can make a weeknight meal very quickly.


You obviously love spending time in the kitchen! What is it about the practice of cooking and creating recipes that brings you so much joy? 

@feedmeichi Ambassador Photo Diary – Angie Trinh

I like the creativity of cooking, I began writing up recipes started a few years ago after I started my Instagram account. People were asking me for my recipes and I was also getting opportunities to work with companies, which was really exciting. I love the act of feeding people – cooking is relaxing for me but being able to share what I’ve created is joyful. Food is such a big part of the connection I have with my friends and family.

This was my attempt at making pickled jalapenos for the first time. I’ve always thought it was easier to buy them from the supermarket but it was really easy and the homemade ones are so much tastier.


Avocado all day, every day. You’ve referred to your love of breakfast many times within your feed, what is your all-time favourite breakfast dish?

@feedmeichi Ambassador Photo Diary – Angie Trinh

This pic is toast with sliced avocado on grilled mushrooms and topped with Korean chilli flakes and furikake. This is a perfect example of how I love mashing different cultures in a dish together.

If I’m eating out I always order baked eggs – I just really enjoy dipping bread into the rich tomato based sauce and gooey egg yolk. At home, I love making pancakes – the fluffier the better. When my website launches, I’m looking forward to sharing my recipe for thick but light fluffy pancakes.


What a great photo of you, Angie! Please share your top five tips for staying happy and healthy all year around. 

@feedmeichi Ambassador Photo Diary – Angie Trinh

My little sister helped me shoot this photo after brunch one day. I needed to update my profile photo and even though I have heaps of photos of food, I don’t have many photos of myself.

My top five tips are:

  • It’s really important to me to spend time with my partner as well as family and friends. Who I am is definitely a reflection of the people I choose to spend my time with.
  • Finding the right balance when it comes to food is really important. I eat for health but also enjoyment. To me, it’s okay to indulge sometimes and not feel guilty about it. I see food as a way of nourishing your body and keeping healthy so I don’t like restricting myself to only certain food groups or labelling things as “clean” or “bad”.
  • Having some quiet time to yourself whether it’s going to yoga (my favourite thing!), going for a walk or just writing down your thoughts is a really good way to clear the noise that comes with the fast paced world we live in now.
  • Travelling whether it be locally, interstate or overseas is so important to open up your mind about the world. Every year, my husband and I go on trips where we enjoy immersing ourselves into different cultures.
  • My last tip for being healthy and happy is making sure to show a little kindness and compassion daily to others but also to yourself.

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