Ambassador Photo Diary – Nina Gelbk

Cocobella Ambassador Nina of @naturally_nina_ has such an inspiring Instagram feed, full of plant-based recipes and dreamy nature-snaps. We chatted to Nina about our five favourite images from her feed, check it out below!

What a winter wonderland! We loved checking out your snaps while you were on holiday in Switzerland. What did you miss most about Australian summer over the festive period?

@naturally_nina_ Ambassador Photo Diary

The thing I missed most was definitely the sun! Being winter in Switzerland, it was about -10 C most days and a lot of the time the sun is covered by clouds or fog unless you go into the mountains. Not even five layers of clothing kept me warm in that weather, I’m just not used to those kinds of temperatures anymore!

This photo was taken on a walk by one of my favourite lakes with my family. When we lived in Switzerland we used to come here all the time as the scenery of the snow-covered mountains and rolling hillside over the lake is just magical!


Drool! What a delightful veggie feast. What is your favourite lunch dish to whip up for friends and family? Any extra favourite ingredients?

@naturally_nina_ Ambassador Photo Diary

I really love making veggie sushi, filled with all the colours of the rainbow, avocado and my chickpea ‘tuna,’ or teriyaki mushrooms for some extra goodness! Another of my family’s favourite is stuffed sweet potatoes, filled with fresh corn, salsa, beans, coriander and guacamole. Yum! 

Here is a great example of what a standard lunch bowl looks like for me most days! I like to call them ‘nourish bowls’ as they are always packed with every vegetable I can find, as well some leftovers from the night before, such as the purple sweet potato and falafels here. Cocobella Straight Up coconut water is the perfect refreshing accompaniment.


The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze us! What are your favourite activities that involve exploring the great outdoors?

@naturally_nina_ Ambassador Photo Diary

Nature amazes me every day! My absolute favourite thing to do outdoors is going for long walks along the beach, especially very early in the morning when the ocean is calm and no one else is up yet. I like to have the whole place to myself! I also really love snorkelling or paddling out into the ocean on my surfboard. The water is so therapeutic! In Switzerland, I loved going for hikes or long walks in the forest, picking wild berries along the way! 

With regards to this particular snap; butterflies have always had a special meaning to me, of hope, freedom and staying strong. I found this beautiful creature lying in the wet sand on a walk at one of my favourite beaches. I very carefully picked her up and carried her sitting on my finger all the way back to the car park, which allowed her wings to dry, and set her free in the bushland. It was such a precious moment for me and I’ll always remember it!


Who is this adorable fluffy four-legged creature? What do you like to get up to on the weekend with your friends?

@naturally_nina_ Ambassador Photo Diary

This is Luna, our family dog. She’s an absolute gem! On weekends I love having picnics with friends at the beach or park, doing a yoga class or going to the markets. I also love taking some time to just relax and recharge for the week ahead.

Over the weekends and especially during the summer holidays, I tried to start every day with an early morning walk along the beach with my dog. Even when I don’t wake up feeling great, it always puts me in such a good mood and motivated to make the most of my day!


What a lovely fresh snap of you Nina! Please share your top five tips for staying happy and healthy all year around.

@naturally_nina_ Ambassador Photo Diary

Thank you! Mangoes are one of my favourite things about summer, so when I was lucky enough to receive an entire box of them, I couldn’t stop smiling for the whole day! I’m also wearing one of my favourite wardrobe items, a T-shirt dress that says ‘Vegan Vibes’ by the most amazing ethical clothing brand, In the Soulshine.

My best tips would have to be:

  • Find some time to do something you love doing every single day, even it’s just a small thing like listening to your favourite song or doing a 15-minute yoga flow.
  • Nourish your body with as many whole plant foods as you can. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference it makes to how you feel when you eat healthy, nutrient-rich (and delicious tasting) food.
  • Always try to find the positive in things in life and focus on the present moment, rather than worrying about the past or the future. Practising gratitude and being truly present has changed the way I think and feel completely. I feel this mentality is so important for good health.
  • Find a good routine; get enough sleep, move your body every day, get work done, socialise and have some down time too. Make sure what you do every day is making you feel good!
  • Listen to YOUR body and find what works best for you. Don’t compare yourself to other people, or try to follow their exact lifestyle, because it will never work. We are all so individual and our own bodies always know best!


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