An Adventurer’s Guide to Sumatra

Sumatra, Indonesia is a wild island of jungle and adventure. We should know; this is where Cocobella sources its young, green coconuts to produce the 100% pure coconut water.

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that offers a chance for escapism and soul searching, then Sumatra is the place for you. Immerse yourself in the volcanic earth, Indian ocean and lush green palms. We’ve pulled together some suggestions on activities to explore whilst you there.

Before You Go

For a complete travel experience it pays to research, research, research. Keep updated on the Australian Government’s safety recommendations, read other traveller’s reviews on your accommodation, learn about vaccines or health information and be sensitive to cultural etiquette.

Make sure you arrive refreshed and ready for action, by following our travel tips and in flight wellness guide.

Fitness Retreats

If Bali is the home of yoga and spa retreats, then Sumatra is its more adventurous neighbor. There’s ample opportunity for reflection and connecting with nature, but with so many physical activities and challenging opportunities, Sumatra has your fitness goals covered.

Start by looking into the many surfing camps promising great waves with experienced surf instructors. Some packages even include healthy meals, bungalow stay, transfers and snorkeling equipment. It sounds like a super way to see the sights and learn the ropes of Sumatra’s coastline.

If you prefer to see the sights from great heights, then volcano trekking is for you. This will get your heart racing and limbs challenged. Kericini Volcano is the highest active volcano in south-east Asia, even looming high above Japans’ Mt. Fuji! Wild Sumatra Adventures is one tour operator who can help guide you through the terrain.

Other low lying adventures include hiking through the rainforests surrounding Landak River, an energizing swim in Lake Kaco or a camping hike in vast wetlands.



With so many areas to explore, think about combining your holiday with giving back to the local wildlife or communities. Care for endangered orangutans, educate yourself about Sumatran tigers or simply volunteer your skills to collaborate on over 50 Go Abroad programs.

Cocobella respects the origin of our coconuts and the communities surrounding them. We make sure our footprint is not felt harshly in this region. Our coconuts are sourced from ethically run plantations and all our coconuts are GMO free.




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