Australia’s Best Beach Activities

Staying inspired whilst you workout is the key to keeping on target with your fitness goals throughout the year. Taking your cardio or group fitness to the great outdoors is one of the simplest ways to reenergise your routine, and is especially appealing throughout the summer months. With world famous beaches trimming our country, here are the best destinations and activities to help you get sweaty in the sand this summer.

Beach running

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Long Distance Jogging at Ninety Mile Beach

At 151 kilometers long, Victoria’s Ninety Mile Beach is one of the longest beaches in the world, and a perfect spot to test your agility and endurance with a jog. Jogging on the beach is a fantastic workout and burns 30% more calories than other surfaces. It’s the soft sand (rather than hard, wet shore) that will get your calves burning most. Your core muscles strengthen and keep you stable as the sand moves underneath you.

Sea kayaking

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Sea Kayak at Mission Beach

Think of kayaking as your new, adventurous BFF with healthy benefits. It’s an activity that will tone your arms and torso, increase your heart rate and potentially burn up to 1000 calories an hour! Mission Beach is situated between Townsville and Cairns and disappears into the pristine Coral Sea. Hire a private sea kayak or join a half-day tour to explore nearby Dunk Island and a swell of aquatic wildlife.

Sunrise Yoga at Freshwater Beach

Experience a true sun salutation with a daybreak session at Sydney’s Freshwater Beach. Swap the hustle and bustle of Manly for a peaceful outlook across Queenscliff Bay and let the crisp sea air become part of each deep breath. Prop yourself up on solid ground and repeat your yoga asana to lengthen and strengthen your body, and minimise stress for the coming day.

surfing girl on the beach

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Learn to Surf at Ocean Beach

Listed as one of the top ten surf spots in WA, Ocean Beach is located near the township of Denmark. It’s proven to be an ideal beginners zone to catch some friendly low rolling waves. Surfing develops upper and lower body strength, balance and flexibility; and is great for your emotional and mental health. Chat to the local surf schools for some lessons or just paddle out and hone your instincts.

beach volley ball

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Beach Volleyball at Glenelg Beach

The long sandy shores of South Australia’s Holdfast Bay make for a pristine game of beach volleyball. In the summer months, Glenelg in Adelaide is the home of Twilight Beach Volleyball. Head to the Beach House right by the Jetty and sign up for a go. It’s a great sport to meet new people and flex your muscles.

Get down and dirty in the sand with these active beach sessions, then refresh yourself with an ocean dip and a hydration boost from Cocobella.

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