How To Avoid Too Much Screen Time

Let’s face it—we’re all guilty of immersing ourselves in our social media accounts and spending way too much time with our laptop, iPad and smart phone screens. Often it’s a passive experience, and without intention large chunks of our free time are lost to mindlessly wandering through digital landscapes. Where lots of inspiring and educating matter can be sourced online (such as this little article), the more time we spend with our devices, the less time we are moving our bodies, socialising with our friends and participating in things we love. So, lets clear the slate and reset our relationship with the screen. A few tips on how to do so:

Cocobella's How To Avoid Too Much Screen Time
  1. Remove the apps you don’t need.

There is no greater temptation to scroll than those moments alone awaiting a bus or train, a lunchbreak or prior to an important meeting. Checking out social media channels can seem like a great way to pass the time and escape momentarily from reality. However, you’re also missing out on a great opportunity to catch up with your thoughts and absorb the environment around you. Delete what you don’t need to resist temptations.

  1. Read, don’t watch.

Another little quirk of screen-scrolling is that is takes away the time we used to read books. On actual paper. With a spine. And books are really cool. Try and always have at least some printed material in your bag at all times, and next time you’re tempted to snatch your phone out of your pocket, have a flip of your favourite mag, a latest bestseller or a letter from an old friend. You’ll feel refreshed and slightly more in touch with your wellness and state of mind. All good things.

  1. Make your bedroom a screen-free zone

Or at least somewhere. As technology continues to pervade every facet of our existence; our workplaces, or entertainment and our educational institutions, it’s so SO important to take a break. We recommend the bedroom, it should be a safe space to unwind and relax with minimal stimuli or anything that causes you stress. You’ll rise fresh and relaxed.

Cocobella's How To Avoid Too Much Screen Time

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