Better Together

Working out with your significant other, a friend or a co-worker can help to inspire your motivation to keep exercising during the colder months and also help to cultivate healthier relationships and bond with your exercise partner. Here’s our reasons for hitting the gym with a partner to help achieve a shared experience of trust, support and healthy competition to get you both having more fun at the gym and inspiring each other to aim higher.

Better Together

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Have more fun!

Get that idea of the gym as some form of cruel, routine punishment out of your head by making it an enjoyable, social date. Take the time to blend your gym time and date time together and spend some quality time with your significant other.

Get fitter, fit better.

Not only does spending time working out with your significant other help to make you

both fitter, it can help you to both ‘fit better’ too. Couples who work out together form a

special physical and emotional bond that can have hugely positive influences on your

relationship together. Throw in a hit of endorphins each for some shared, feel-good

chemistry together…!

Challenge each other

What better person to challenge and be challenged by a close friend or colleague that

you trust? Make sure you’re both at a similar fitness level though and remember to push

hard, but be supportive about it!

Better Together 3

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Teach each other something new 

Both already established gym junkies? If your exercise partner has their yoga positions

down pat and you’re a star in spin class, support and teach each other some new skills.

Not only will you expand on your repertoire of options at the gym, the art of teaching

somebody a new skill is an excellent way to build on your communicative skills with one

another. Not to mention, trying new things is always a good thing!

Additional work-out benefits

Working out not only provides physical benefits, it also helps to reduce stress, helps to

sleep better at night and increase brain function. Did we mention that regular exercise

has been linked to a better time in the bedroom too…? Couples who work out together

reap all the benefits together!

Think outside the box

Working out together doesn’t have to just mean hitting the gym, yoga class or pool

together. Check out our list of think outside the box date ideas and take a dance class

together, spend an afternoon at the beach, or try rock climbing together.

Stay hydrated

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With Run Melbourne just around the corner, all you need to do now is pick up the phone,

call that partner or friend and set a date to get working out! Who would you like to hit the

gym with? Tag your fitness photos on Instagram with #bettertogether to show us how you roll.


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