Clean Eating on a Budget

clean eating coconut water

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Embrace a clean eating regime that won’t break your piggy bank. Try these tips to help you stay on track with healthy, wholesome and affordable meals.

Embrace Farm Produce
Include a visit to your local farmers market into your weekend routine. Interact with those in the know and grab some delicious bargains. Can’t get to a farmers market every week? Seek out farm produce that delivers to your door.

Recycle Scraps
Save everything from your meal preparation! Herb stems, kale ends and vegetable peels can be transformed into delicious smoothies or form the base for a hearty vegetable stock – great to use in soups, casseroles or risottos.

DIY Herb Gardens
Tired of spending $3 every time you reach for the basil in your local supermarket? Think about setting up an itty-bitty herb garden on your kitchen windowsill. It’ll reconnect you to nature and make it easier for you to add bursts of flavour and vitamins to every plate.

Think Ahead
Cook up a storm once a week to prep for the week ahead. You’ll find your weekday lunches and quick meals are a breeze after you’ve set the basics in place. Throw some banana bread in the oven, soak your lentils or create a week’s worth of Coconut Water Bircher Muesli (using Cocobella of course!).

Look to the Freezer
Research suggests that frozen produce is just as nutritious as fresh produce. It’s a cheap, convenient way for ensuring you always have fresh additions on hand. There’s nothing worse than purchasing fresh produce, only to have it perish in the bottom of your fridge. Seek out berries, avocados and other high price fruit and vegetables in your freezer aisle instead. Buy your Cocobella in bulk at sale time and freeze for later!

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Buy it Dry
Pulses, legumes and beans bought in dried form, rather than tinned, will save you money and cupboard space. Soaking these dried staples and cooking them as needed results in a more enjoyable meal too. Say goodbye to mushy beans and hello to tender pops of flavour.

Choose your organics
There are some fruits and vegetables with a lower likelihood of pesticides and chemicals. Check out 15 varieties that you can purchase without an organic price tag. It’ll save you some coin and peace of mind. The “Dirty Dozen” have been highlighted as most susceptible to chemical processing, and where possible, should be replaced with organic.

What are your budget-friendly tips for living a waste-free, healthy lifestyle? We’d love to hear your ideas on Facebook.

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