DIY Affirmation Art


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Get your creative juices flowing and craft your own aspirational artwork. We’ve handpicked a selection of modern, inexpensive tutorials to show you how to make colourful inspirational quotes and imagery to place around your home and encourage you to #stayinspired.

Once your masterpiece is created, place them in your entranceway, next to your make-up mirror or above your bed – any location where you need a hit of wisdom most.

No Sew Banner

This vintage look no sew banner is made from felt, fabric glue, string and a wooden pole and takes just under 3 hours to complete. It’s an incredibly easy and nifty way to keep your new year resolutions visible every day. Whip it up on a Sunday crafternoon.


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Gold Foil Art

Do you have a favourite quote or life motto you try to live by? Give it the royal treatment it deserves and turn it into a gold-foiled masterpiece.


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Purchase gold leaf from your local craft store, cut out a template of your favourite saying and fill the lettering with glue. Gently press the gold leaf on top and peel away the excess. Voila! A deluxe artwork that looks a million dollars.

Blackout Poetry

This project is a meditative process that will have you thoroughly absorbed. Half word sleuth puzzle, half colouring in, you’ll need to be open minded to make this work. It’s a great group activity to challenge your friends too!


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Here’s how it works:

  1. Tear a page from an old book, magazine on newspaper and seek out words that spell out a saying or an engaging sentence. The words can be spread out far across the page. Anything works.
  2. Start blacking out all the other text around it until you have just your quote remaining.

Here are some examples to spark an idea.

Peek-a-boo Painting

Vibrant colours and stark messaging are the key componants to making this artwork pop. This DIY plays with stencil lettering over an old painting – in particular a kitsch paint-by-numbers canvas. This is a beautiful statement piece that will have your visitors demanding a closer look.


Looking for the easiest DIY aspirational art? This activity has to be it! Sunday’s paper never looked so good with this newspaper wrapped canvas and free flowing hand painted quote. Coloured chalk or pastels would work just as well.

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