Eating to Thrive

eat to thrive nadia felsch

Just imagine for a moment, a world without diets or deprivation. A world where you simply ate bountiful, delicious, real food that made you feel and look incredible.

Sometimes it can feel as if eating, something that each of us needs to do several times a day to live well, has become a minefield. In reality, eating is nothing to worry ourselves over, and instead it’s something to celebrate and enjoy. One delicious bite at a time.

For most of you reading this post, reasonable access to vibrant fresh food is a given. How incredibly fortunate we are. It would appear however, that keeping things simple and honouring our body feels like a foreign concept. There are various reasons why this is happening.

Sometimes there are deeply engrained eating habits that date back to childhood, which become dysfunctional habits that follow us around like shadows. Sometimes there are insecurities and a lack of knowledge on the topic of healthy eating. Or there’s just fear and fear mongering about what to eat and why.

When it comes to how we nourish ourselves – let’s keep things simple. I feel strongly that try as we might, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to the way we eat. Bio-individuality is a concept that I explore in great detail and to a valuable end in my Path to Wholefoods program.

Honouring our body’s wonderfully unique requirements is never a bad idea. And doing so allows us to feel more relaxed about healthy living, without the labels and stress. This is what I like to call ‘eating freedom.’

So let’s take the above ideas surrounding lack of food knowledge and say that you’ve got a handful of ingredients in your fridge. They don’t look like a meal and so you order takeaway. But with a little creative thinking, you could have combined the carrots, herbs and cheese with a little brown rice, for a fast and delicious meal.

At the supermarket, instead of picking up those soft drink bottles for your upcoming barbecue or picnic, you choose hydrating and delicious Cocobella coconut water instead.

Small step by small step, you start to realise that there is always an opportunity to nourish yourself. The decisions you make when you shop, prepare and enjoy your food are all made with less anxiety and with more love – for yourself.

So all you need to ask yourself is what kind of life do you want to lead? A life filled with eating freedom where you eat to thrive? It is absolutely possible. I know because I gratefully live it every day.

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