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10 delicious dairy-free recipes from our ambassadors

Get to know our Cocobella Ambassadors...

Leah Itsines

1. We love that you create recipes for people with different dietary needs. How do you balance ingredients for taste and for nutrition?

One thing that has really enabled my business and online community to grow is by listening to each and every persons likes/dislikes and needs. I like to create a large variety of recipes that may be trending or in high demand and really listen to my following. My approach to eating is very much balanced and I eat everything in moderation. I think it’s important to not skip on taste or flavor and be restrictive. If I’m craving something, I’ll listen to my body and nourish my body with what it needs. In saying that, I usually use an array of vegetables in all of my meals and some good carbs along with a good protein, with the balance my meals are all nutritionally balanced as well as super delicious!

2. If you had to pick one superstar ingredient you can’t get enough of, what would it be?

My favourite ingredient, is most definitely chilli.. I can’t get enough of it. I love spicy dishes that are really filled with chilli, yet flavoursome. Often my family will complain the food I make for them is too spicy haha.

3. What are your tips for cooking with coconut yoghurt as a dairy-free alternative?

I love using coconut yoghurt, it’s an amazing dairy-free alternative that doesn’t really taste any different to yoghurt with dairy. My tip would be to be creative and don’t be afraid to use it in different types of recipes. It’s can be used with such a large variety of recipes, such as, breakfasts, lunches, curries, dinners, etc. The more you use it, the more you’ll love it.

4. Every cook has a favourite tool! Which one is yours?

I love my non-stick pans! It makes me very happy when things cook well and don’t stick to the bloody pan and then are super easy to clean. Haha the little things in life..

5. What got you started in recipe development, and what continues to inspire you?

I guess I fell into my current business through my online community, they started asking for recipes, tips, ect and I just started giving them more and more content and they just started loving it and requesting more and more. The messages I get from my online community everyday inspire me. It’s hard to explain but when someone messages you saying you’ve changed their life and their approach to eating healthy food it’s a really touching moment.