Five Star Glamping

It’s time to marry the great outdoors with a little glamour. While roughing it out in the forest or bush has its charms, why camp when you can glamp? Add little touches of luxury to your next camping experience with our hand picked favourite camping products, clothing and picnic essentials to make you feel like a five star backpacker on your next outdoor adventure.

Bang Bang Tents

Perfect for standing out and finding your tent at your next music festival, Bang Bang Tents know how to camp in style. Not only are these vibrant tent designs eye-catching and original, each four-person tent is fitted with a 5W solar panel, lithium solar storage bank and charging cables. Whether it’s a mobile phone, mp3 player, camera, speakers or L.E.D lighting you’ll always be connected and definitely be making a statement with these unique tent designs.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.44.24 AM

Image via: Bang Bang Tents

Image via Bang Bang Tents

Image via: Bang Bang Tents

TMOD Design

Sydney-based TMOD Design make a range of handy enamel camping dining sets including plates, mugs, hip flasks and teapots. Each design features unique camping tips from ‘how to make damper on a camp fire’ to ‘how to navigate using the Southern Cross.’ For adventurous eaters, their plate series features handy information on foraging for native Australian edible weeds, medicinal plants and bush foods. Just be sure you’re positive you know what you’re chowing into before biting down!

Image via TMOD Design

Image via: TMOD Design


The ultimate in glamping. Victorian-based Homecamp not only produce high-end and beautifully designed canvas-bell styled tents, they offer a unique service providing pop-up camp village accommodation for events, retreats, festivals or weekends away. You pick the spot and Homecamp not only provides the tents, but also fits out the interior with quality Australian-made bedside tables, cushions, rugs, lighting and luxurious bedding and linen. Love.

Image via Home Camp

Image via: Home Camp

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Image via: Home Camp


This little stroke of genius goes by the name of ‘The Napsack.’ Designed by forward-thinking camp experts Poler, this nifty little camping accessory is part sleeping bag and part puffy coat. Meaning you can finally go from sitting by the warmth of the campfire, straight to the tent without having to leave the comfort of your Napsack. The chest pocket event fits a phone and has a pass through hole for your headphones.

Image via Poler

Image via: Poler

Sun Jars

These solar-powered Mason jars are fitted with warm coloured LED lights and diffused by frosted glass, adding perfect mood lighting to any campsite. Sun Jars are completely watertight, so they can happily be left outside in any weather conditions.

Image via SuckUK

Image via: SuckUK

Campfire cooking

While there’s numerous, fantastic camp fire grill plates and cooking facilities out there, you can’t go past the joy of cooking food in the hot coals of your campfire. Stay healthy by wrapping roast vegetables in two layers of aluminum foil, bury in the hottest of hot coals and cook for 45 minutes for roast vegetables cooked to perfection every time. You’ll never want to return home to oven-roast vegetables again.

Image via The Food Network

Image via: The Food Network

What are your favourite tips and tricks for transforming your camping experience into a glamping experience? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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