Five Workout Recovery Tips

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It’s great to push ourselves beyond what we think we can achieve, but it’s a sore reality to find ourselves exhausted from exercise and depleted from energy. Prevent burnout and stay healthy with these five essential workout recovery tips.

1. Stretch
Taking time to stretch and realign after a workout will help slow your body and increase blood flow – an excellent preventative measure for sore muscles.

Loosen tight limbs with simple stretches like forward bends, shoulder stretches, runners lunges and restorative yoga poses. Just ten minutes will reduce stress and aid in restoration.

2. Hydrate
Sweating it out makes your skin glow, helps remove toxins from your body and kick-starts your body to generate white blood cells, which strengthens your immunity. However, with so much moisture leaving your pores, it’s essential to replenish yourself with fluids.

Water is always an ideal top up. Make sure you look for BPA free bottles, or switch to Cocobella coconut water for a nutrient rich alternative. Coconut water contains electrolytes and natural salts, including potassium and magnesium. This potent combination is essential for your body to balance water and PH levels.

3. Rest
After a particularly vigorous workout, like a marathon or boot camp session, your body needs 1 – 2 days to fully recover. Unwind and rest to allow maximum recuperation. Soak in a bath with Epsom Salts, or tune out with your favourite magazine. Let your body reboot and if you’re still feeling wiped out before your next session, it’s ok to give yourself a deserved break.

4. Music
Here’s an easy and enjoyable tip: cool down music is linked to winding down the mind and slowing your breathing rate after workouts, great for getting back on track.

So while you’re selecting “go get ‘em” tracks for your run or gym session, be sure to include some soothing tunes too. Tell us about your favourite songs for a cool down session.

5. Massage
Getting a deep tissue massage will alleviate any potential muscle injuries from overexertion.

Sore legs and calf muscles will benefit from a rub down, by decreasing inflammation, speeding up muscle recovery and limiting the likelihood of cramping. Potassium, most notably found in bananas and coconut water, are other excellent cramp fighters.

Now you have the tools to limit fatigue after an energetic routine, you’re set to conquer your next running track, cycling circuit or any other active adventure.

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