Friends with [Fitness] Benefits

Friends with [Fitness] Benefits

Image via: @biancamaycheah

We all love catching up with friends. You have heaps of fun together, make plans, and you get to talk through all of that stuff you just can’t deal with by yourself. But did you know that there are benefits to working out together?

Up and at em! No excuse for sleeping in. Your friend is waiting for you. Being accountable to someone else helps keeps you on track.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Those kilometres will melt away behind you if you have someone to chat with as you walk.

Explore. You’ll feel more like finding a new way to go if you have a buddy along with you.

We Can Work It Out. Friends are a great source of support and motivation. They will push you to test your limits.

Best of All? Post-gym recovery session… relax and unwind with your mate.

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