How To Make 2019 Your Healthiest Year Yet


It’s 2019, and for most people it’s time for a fresh start and for resolutions that will benefit our lives. However, quite often these resolutions are thrown out the window once we actually get back to typical day to day living.


Let’s break the cycle, and focus on making attainable resolutions and goals for becoming healthier and happier in 2019! Here are the basics to creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle and how to stay motivated.


Routine doesn’t happen overnight

It doesn’t happen overnight, but with patience, you can swing into it. Routine is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, because once it’s a habit, it becomes easy and like second nature!


We could all do with some more sleep

Sleep is, of course, so important and for many people, we don’t get enough of it, or we have a pattern of late nights. Creating a night and morning routine can really help to get those 6-8 hours of sleep you need, which will then help you to function better throughout the day and stick to your goals. It doesn’t have to be an intense routine, just add 1-2 things before bed and when you first wake up that are simple, but give your body the message that you’re ready to unwind or to get up. Try stick to the same time every night and morning.


Sleep tight!

Ideas for a bedtime routine that you could implement are: get into bed 20-30 mins before sleeping, turn off technology and avoid distractions, try bedtime yoga or meditation, reflect on your day, try a body care routine (warm shower, face mask, hair mask), listen to soft music, and use relaxing essential oils and drink a soothing herbal tea.


Rise and shine!

For a morning routine, try implementing: waking up with natural light, drinking lemon water or herbal tea, preparing a delicious breakfast that you’ll look forward to eating, yoga, meditation or a workout, scheduling your daily goals, and practicing a positive outlook.



Healthy eating habits

Firstly, I couldn’t recommend enough a plant based diet, particularly a whole food plant based diet. It can be so fun and rewarding!   When it comes to diet, the most important thing is to listen to your body and to try eat intuitively. Restrictions are not the way to go, so instead focus on nourishment, not punishment. Eating less will not equal health, and eating a piece of chocolate will not ruin your results. It’s about being mindful and aware of your body and appetite, and listening to its natural queues; if you’re hungry eat, and if you’re full then stop eating.


Here are some tips to make it easy:

  • The key is to be satisfied, eat meals that are satiating and delicious.
  • Find recipes and meal preps you’d actually enjoy eating and experiment with food.
  • Clean out your fridge/pantry and stock it with simple nutritious foods and ingredients to make wholesome meals.
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water – coconut water is amazing too, packed with electrolytes.
  • Prep out the basics. I find washing and chopping my greens and cooking some grains like quinoa or rice convenient to whip up filling bowls.
  • You can still satisfy your sweet tooth. Create a healthy raw treat that you can have after dinner or as a snack so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.
  • If you are a snacker, opt for fresh fruit!

If you’re in need of inspiration, I share healthy recipes, what I eat, workouts and lifestyle posts on my Instagram and YouTube. I also have an ebook Vegan Made Simple full of simple vegan recipes and a free Vegan Shopping Kit that may be handy on your next grocery shop.


Move that body

Exercise! In the new year, everyone wants to get more active, and that’s great, but more often than not people opt for fitness routines that are really unattainable.


Don’t jump straight into it, start small and always choose what makes you happy and have fun. This could be simply adding a morning or afternoon walk or run for 30 minutes. If you have a gym membership but struggle with motivation, join in on the gym classes as training with a group and trainer can be more motivating. If you don’t go to the gym then 15-20 minutes at home HIIT workouts are fun, and you don’t need to spend hours exercising. You can also try yoga, dancing, rock climbing, swimming… there are so many options!


It takes time to tune in with your body, sometimes if you’re feeling lazy or unmotivated, you can still push yourself to exercise and in the end, you feel amazing. On the days where you feel just really tired, always take a rest day and recover.


Overall, when approaching your goals and resolutions in life be sure to come at it with a positive attitude, but also remember to be open to change and to be not overly strict. Be compassionate to your body and show love for yourself. Some days you may not stick to the routine, but it’s about the long haul. One day off won’t ruin the three weeks you have already put in. Stick to the positives, go with the flow, and most importantly listen to your body and have fun!


The information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider.

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