How to stay healthy on (and off) social media with Tess Begg

Tess Begg

Cocobella may be all about tropical island bliss, but this goes hand in hand with using or posting on social media these days. The average person spends two to three hours on social media platforms daily! We’re all about staying healthy and happy at Cocobella, so we asked one of our favourite content creators Tess Begg about how she keeps her social media use balanced and how she deals with some of the challenges this always-connected life can present.

As a social media user and content creator, we wanted to ask you about how you keep it a healthy and positive space for yourself and your followers.

The way I keep my social space positive and healthy is by always ensuring that the information or content I share is not harmful, misleading or unrealistic. I don’t like to dramatise things, and I haven’t pushed a huge agenda onto anyone. Of course, I share my vegan lifestyle; however, not by being pushy and instead, leading by example. People value what I share, and I understand the responsibility that comes with that. My focus is on listening to your body and doing what truly makes you happy when it comes to eating habits and exercising. I like to keep it real, and I feel over the years I have kept it real and shown people how I truly am, of course without sharing too much of my personal life, I think that’s important is where you draw the line between what you feel comfortable sharing and what you don’t.

As a user, do you monitor the types of content you consume? Or time spent on social media?

I do like to be mindful for both the content and time spent. Generally, I do not spend that much time on social media, especially when I am very busy. However, sometimes I will catch myself spending too much time than I prefer procrastinating watching YouTube videos or scrolling on Instagram. On Instagram, I follow accounts that I feel are meaningful. Lots of foodie and photography photos are on my feed which is continually inspiring me with new and fun ideas and a lot of cute dog photos and videos too. The dog videos are in fact, where I find myself spending too much time watching haha!

What is the best thing about social media, in your opinion?

The best thing about social media is the ability to connect with people globally and share your message, whatever that may be. I love inspiring people all around the world to live a healthier lifestyle through food and fitness. Most importantly, movements like veganism are fast growing because of social media which is incredible for the animals. Social media inspires me every day; I have access to so many different resources to better my knowledge on many different things such as photography, cooking, health and fitness.

If a young person was feeling isolated or bullied online, what would you say to them?

I would help them to understand that if someone is bullying and being nasty and rude, it is only a projection of their own individual insecurities and self-doubts. Being connected to your phone or computer can make it harder to avoid those that are bullying as they can sneak into your life at any time. However, there are things you can do to stop online bullying.
You can change your accounts to private and friends only, block and unfriend the bully, report the harassment, most importantly speak to a friend or adult and don’t feel embarrassed to share how you feel. You are individually unique and valued by loved ones around you. Don’t let anyone make you feel any less.

How do you make sure negative comments do not affect you if they happen?

As I mentioned above, I do not take it personally. I know who I am as a person and the people online that comment negative things do not know me personally. There are a few different types of negative comments I’ll experience. Random people that stumble across my content that have no clue who I am and form a quick opinion and comment on it, and people that are very bitter and like to keep up with my every move to quickly pick something negative from it. I will just block and ignore it. I more so feel sad that people are spending their valuable time online judging and bullying people. I hope they can understand what they are doing is not respectable and they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

Tess Begg Smoothie Bowl

You are well known for delicious plant-based recipes and #fitspo but do you also have any regular mindfulness or meditation or mindset habits or practices?

What has been excellent lately is setting my intentions for the day in the morning. It helps me to move smoothly throughout the day and have less stress. I am fortunate enough to live around beautiful nature and the ocean. I regularly head to the beach to sit in the sunshine and listen to the waves, feel the breeze and relax without any distractions.

In our last blog, Tyger Lyons told us about the concept of a 10/10 day. Basically, you make a list of things that if you did one or any of them, your day would become a 10/10. His list had tennis, ocean swim and coffee with friends, among other things. What would be on your list?

My list involves a green juice, smoothie, fruit, ocean swim, workout, hydration (water and coconut water) and chatting to family and friends.

Thanks Tess! We’ll be sure to balance our social media scrolling with lots of time at the beach this summer.

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