How to Stay Motivated with Fitness

Image via: Visual Optimism

Image via: Visual Optimism

Sometimes it’s tough to stay on track with exercise. We all experience lulls in committing to a fitness regime and staying motivated. Rather than beating yourself up, give yourself a dose of positive thinking try our tips for fast tracking your fitness and health goals.

1. Take baby steps

Break up your fitness goal into smaller units. Start with less lofty goals and add to the frequency and intensity as you go. Allowing yourself to build up to the desired speed / distance / duration / strength over a longer period of time is safer for your body, easier to sustain long term, and a sure way to hit that target. This is a great way of training for a fun run, marathon or getting fit after an illness or injury.

2. Join a Program

Sometimes a planned program can be the best remedy for low motivation. There are several amazing online programs available that are often free. If 6am boot camp isn’t your style, try this 30-day yoga challenge for reconditioning your daily habits.

3. Get a Coach

Choose a personal trainer or easier still, just grab a buddy to help get you on track and ensure you head out the door to your workout!


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4. Be Prepared

The joys of living spontaneously can only be achieved if you’re well prepared. Stow away a small gym bag with your fitness essentials: your workout wear, Cocobella for hydration and a healthy snack for energy. Keep it stowed under your desk or in the car for a spare-of-the-minute, no-excuse adventure.

5. Change Your Look

Refresh your look to help refresh your approach. A good pair of runners, yoga pants or Nike dry fit is essential for a well-supported body during exercise; and makes for a bit of retail therapy too! We love heading to Sporteluxe for inspiration. There’s nothing like stepping out for a workout and making it to a café for brunch in one outfit.

6. Reward Yourself

Pick a small, immediate reward to enjoy at the end of each session. A frozen Cocobella or an episode of a favourite TV series are great examples.

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7. Get Dressed

Put those shorts or leggings on and tie those shoes! Once you’re decked out in your gear, there’s no excuse not to leave the house.

8. This is Your Time

Hectic lives mean minimal opportunities for solo time. Savour your fitness sessions as a daily ‘luxury item’ for yourself. If you start treating your exercise as your escape, it’ll change your whole perspective.

What are your best tips for getting out the door and staying in shape? Share them with us on Facebook, or share your fitspo with us over on Instagram.

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