Indoor Workouts

It’s always easy to find yourself an excuse not to train. Travelling. Bad Weather. Limited time. Limited space. Fortunately for YOU there is a solution to ALL of these excuses! There are so many options for indoor workouts that involve little to no equipment, as well as space-friendly options.


Mini-resistance bands and TRX are my go-to’s for equipment when it comes to travel and limited space options, and can give you everything you need for a great workout, without leaving your living room!


Phoebe Di Tommaso

DIY Workouts


Here’s some really easy ideas for you, for your next trip away (or even your next at home session). Pick 4 exercises (ie. Jump squats, Push Ups, Lunges, Mountain Climbers) and make yourself a little circuit:

60 seconds of each exercise (with 15sec rest between each exercise)

followed by 60sec rest at the end of the 4.


Repeat 4-5 sets for a quick, simple and effective workout.


Another favourite of mine is a ladder workout:

50 High Knees

40 Mountain Climbers

30 Shoulder Taps

20 Lunges

10 Burpees


Rest for 60-90sec and repeat up to 5 sets.. trying to better your time each set as you go.


Phoebe Di Tommaso


App workouts


There are some great fitness apps around nowadays, which make it super easy and accessible to get some awesome workouts without leaving your lounge room. Here’s a few of my favourites:


Nike +Training Club

Hundreds of FREE workouts from strength and endurance through to mobility and yoga, with options to choose bodyweight only workouts as well as complete gym training programs.


Deck of Cards App

As the name implies, you’ve got 52 sets to get through. Pick your own 4 exercises, pop into the app, hit GO & get through the deck of cards as fast as possible. This can be a really challenging (52 sets and ALL the reps!) but fun workout to do and one that you can keep coming back to, aiming to improve your time.


Tabata Timer

Similar to above, you pick your own exercises and pop them into the Tabata timer…  it will set up a 4 minute set of intervals for you (20sec ON 10 sec OFF x 8) annnnd GO!

Tabata is a great way to get your heart rate UP, increase your fitness and burn some serious calories.


There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from, so try a few and find what you like. While your space and time might be limited, options for training indoors are truly unlimited.



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