Inspiring Beach Reads

Hit the beach with more than just your bikini and sun cream. These summer reads are guaranteed to reawaken your health goals and motivate you to be the best you can be. Settle into the sand and stay inspired with our favourite books of the season, sipping on Cocobella and taking in the sound of the surf.


Eating for Beauty

Author David Wolfe, is one of the world’s foremost nutrition experts, renowned for his outlook on building beauty from the inside out.

This book will guide you on the science and benefits of a diet filled with fresh food and clean eating practices. It’s filled with over 30 recipes and endless tips on the benefits of beauty sleep, yoga, meditation and raw food.

It’s a super read on how to obtain a balanced life routine and a healthy relationship with your food.


It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to be

An easy read that will make you feel invincible! Penned by a legendary Creative Director of the advertising world, Paul Arden has channeled his creative thinking to help you smash down mental barriers in your own world.

Tips on how to succeed and make mistakes, as well as chapters such as ‘Have you Noticed How the Cleverest People at School Are Not Those Who Make It In Life?’ all combine for a funny, bite-size read.


High: A Party Girl’s Guide to Peace

This is a Brisbane girl’s quest for peace and balance from all night partying and burning the candle at both ends. As author Tara Bliss so perfectly puts it, it’s a guide to turning your life “from ballistic to holisitic.”

Chatty, empowering and 100% honest, this is a book that feels like fiction but has all the tools to help turn your life around.

If your social situation is feeling empty, then take a leaf from Tara’s ways and uncover a more attuned version of yourself.


Love Your Sister

Sam and Connie are siblings that would do anything for each other – even if it meant cycling around Australia on a unicycle.

It might sound absurd, but the journey was hatched after Connie was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her brother committed to breaking the world record for the longest distance travelled on a unicycle, to raise $1 million for breast cancer research.

Part memoir, part travel diary this is a unique, moving tale of determination and sisterly love.

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