Interview with Kayla of @kelanabykayla

Kayla of @kelanabykayla lives a life of infinite wanderlust. Here we talk to Kayla about her love of experiencing new cultures and places and why travel is a form of self-care.

Hi Kayla ! Tell us a bit about yourself, why did you decide to start your travel blog kelanabykayla?

I have travelled my entire life,  from a very young age we used school holidays to jet off to Bali or wherever had the cheapest flights! I grew up appreciating Asian culture (my heritage) and it really fuelled my desire for those big trips I knew I would take on my ‘gap’ year!  

During high school I went on exchange to Japan, which was my first trip without my family, it was during this time that I found travel as a freedom, a learning experience and way of life rather than just a ‘holiday’. After high school though, I did the normal study to ‘get a nine to five’, where I became a preschool teacher, then went into marketing and eventually into blogging.

The more I travelled, the stronger I believed the world would be a better place if more people experienced different cultures. This helps people to become more open-minded and appreciate things a little differently. I aim to inspire a life of wanderlust and ultimately mindfulness.

Your Instagram takes us on your wanderlust adventures, what’s been your favourite travel destination and why?

This is always a hard one to answer, there are lots of places that I have fallen in love with for different reasons over the years. Can I say five?

  1. Bali- First overseas destination and my second home.
  2. Japan- First cultural trip! I have visited here three times and just love everything about it! There is so much to do and see in Japan!
  3. Turkey- I did two weeks in Turkey solo and it changed my life! The people are so nice!
  4. New Zealand- Beautiful landscapes here! I fell in love with NZ quiet recently. I actually didn’t expect to love it as much as I did! We road tripped for two weeks in a campervan! Van life is just pure bliss! The hiking there is epic too!
  5. Australia- My home! Australia is pretty damn amazing!

How has travelling changed how you live your day-to-day life, and can you share one of your favourite experiences?

Travel for me is the epitome of wellness. The way I feel when travelling I need to replicate when I am home as well. I do this by getting out in nature and going on hikes, making sure I am always learning or trying something new and being really open-minded to everything around me.  My favourite travel experience would probably be my solo trip to Turkey in 2012! I did the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia and it left me speechless. That place is just so magical!

What does wellness mean to you, and how do you incorporate a wellness routine when you are always travelling?

Wellness isn’t just about being healthy physically. It’s also about being healthy mentally which is very important to me. I find it very easy to keep up with my wellness routine when I am travelling because for me it allows me to live, move and breathe with more intention. My wellness routine has become habits or actions that serve and cultivate my greater mindfulness.

Let’s talk about healthy habits, what healthy habits do you swear by?

Two things I always do, no matter where I am:

  1. First thing I do when I wake up is to have a glass of hot water with lemon
  2. I always move even if its something small like a morning yoga stretch or a walk along the beach.

Can you share with us your favourite ways to relax and unwind?

Something that’s really important to me at the moment is minimising my time on social media. Although it’s a huge part of my job I need to draw the line of working and aimlessly scrolling which I often find myself doing. I really love going on hikes and always feel the fresh air and nature help me to clear my head and focus on the present. I also love a good Netflix binge when I really want to get lazy. Because balance.

Can you share with us your top tips for staying happy and healthy all year round?

All these things are super easy to do, which is why I am so consistent with them.

  1. Move daily. This doesn’t have to be a full 45 min workout. A walk or stretch is okay on the days you might not have the time.
  2. Self-care. I usually do this in the form of travel. Going on a retreat or taking a short vacation helps me to reset and focus on myself and my needs.
  3. Minimise animal products. The result from eating a predominantly plant-based whole food diet has been amazing for my health. My skin is clearer, I have more energy and I’m not constantly bloated.
  4. Do the things you love. Create more. Spend time with loved ones. Get out in nature.

What Instagram accounts should we be following?

@elisecook– showcasing the best of Australia

@thesunrisekids– all round good vibes

@plantproof– great information on plant-based lifestyle

@haylsa– amazing wanderlust

@jacksongrove– my favourite adventure account and he started a great initiative to help clean up the world!

@theloveassembly– The girl who inspired me to chase my dreams almost 5 years ago!


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