No to GMO

Genetically modified foods are an important issue today. If you’re a little unsure about what it all means, read on for the core information everyone should be aware of.

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is a plant or animal that has been altered by genetic engineering. In other words, these are manmade alterations made to our produce, resulting in an unnatural end result.

Genetic modification was originally conceptualised to better society in areas of the world where use of genetically modified crops can help the land flourish in extreme circumstances of hardship. Although, many experts argue that GMOs have evolved to become an undesirable fixture in our everyday food and drinks.

The main argument against genetically modified ingredients is that they are yet to be proven safe for consumption and are often associated with mass use of pesticides and chemicals.

Until GMO is proven to be a safe component of our eating habits, it pays to be a vigilant consumer and choose carefully when it comes to purchasing your food and drinks. The good news is Cocobella source their coconuts from GMO-free plantations in Indonesia and Thailand that are also sustainably and ethically produced. Rigorous third party testing conducted by local bodies has ensured that our plantations are GMO-free and it’s just one of our many efforts to ensue Cocobella is the healthiest choice for hydration.

If you’d like to ensure all your food and drink items are GMO-free, start by familiarising yourself with the labels of your favourite brands. There are many great guides on what to avoid on your shopping list, but here’s the main ingredients often associated with GMO:

  • Sugar and sugar subsidiaries including fructose, dextrose, glucose, caramel color, mannitol and maltodextrin
  • Inexpensive or highly processed honey
  • Products containing soy or derivatives
  • Products containing corn including corn syrup and modified food starch
  • Dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, or other animal products which may have been reared on a diet containing GMO
  • Farm reared fish and seafood most likely fed GMO meal
  • Canola & Rapeseed oils

Cocobella contains no added sugar and is free from preservatives, fat and cholesterol; and is 100% natural. Bottled within a few hours of harvesting for maximum freshness, Cocobella is then transported directly to Australian retailers in BPA-free packaging.

Our gentle pasteurisation process keeps all Cocobella products sterile while preserving that straight-from-the-coconut taste and nutrition, without the addition of chemicals or any other nasties. Celebrate being healthy with Cocobella and rest assured you’re enjoying a pure and natural hydrating drink free from any additives and GMOs.

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