Post-workout Nutrition: The wholefoods way

You’ve just worked out. You’re sweaty, feeling good and proud to have moved your body. Now what? Do you prepare a juice, a smoothie or omelette? How do you maximise your workout efforts and do the best by your body?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for post-workout nutrition, and with good reason.

Your daily nutrition, level of exercise output and recovery requirements, just to name a few variables, are all important factors here.

However for most of us who exercise and move our bodies to feel and look great, there are some key factors that need our attention. Without being too “science-y” about it, after strenuous, full-body activity for 30 to 60 minutes the body requires:

  • Hydration, to replace the fluids and sodium lost as sweat
  • Carbohydrates, for energy and glucose replenishment (fuel stored in our muscles)
  • Protein, to repair and aid in muscle recovery

Ideally, you want to rehydrate and nourish within 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise. Before you reach for that processed ‘power ball’ after the gym, check out some of these hydrating options:

  • Fruit smoothie made with Cocobella coconut water and a quality protein powder
  • Greek yoghurt and fruit
  • Cocobella coconut water, straight up

Coconut water is a wonderful option after strenuous workouts. It’s the drink I turn to because it replaces the fluids lost as sweat, helping you to recover faster, retain water and regain energy. Coconut water provides hydration and carbohydrates, and its naturally occurring electrolytes help replace what I’ve lost in my workout.

I’ll then follow up my Cocobella with more water than usual, plus a wholefoods meal centred around quality carbohydrates and protein. Because we don’t want to waste our workout efforts do we?


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