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Thinking of switching over to a plant-based diet? Then keep on reading our interview with Amanda from @amandaducks for tips and inspiration. Keeping herself busy with running a YouTube channel, Instagram and currently working on a very exciting project (keep reading till the end of our interview to find out more 😉) she’s our go-to girl for all things plant-based. 


Hi Amanda, thank you for chatting with us today. You’ve been living the plant-based life for four years now – that’s really amazing! What made you decide to go plant-based?

Hey, thanks for having me! I just celebrated my four year ‘veganniversary’ and it’s been such an amazing journey. After 15 years of vegetarianism, I made the decision to go fully plant-based when I realised the cruelty involved in the dairy and egg industries. From there, I soon learned about the health benefits of plant-based foods and the environmental impact of animal products, and those things both very much so supported my decision.


Did you encounter any problems or issues when you made the shift to a plant-based diet?

Definitely! I had a huge issue giving up cheese – which is something I hear a lot of people have been through. It’s addictive stuff, hey! And after eating it for 20 years, my body just really struggled giving it up. four years later, here I am completely addicted to vegan cheese.

Now, you are obviously a foodie. What is your go-to meal and why?

Ooooh! At the moment, a choc raspberry smoothie bowl – topped with almond butter, coconut yoghurt and choc granola. And a vegan caesar salad for dinner – yum!


We love that you do a lot of vlogging with regards to what you eat on a daily basis. If you could eat anything right at this moment, what would it be?

Oh goodness. I’m about to go to my friend’s house for a vegan nachos date – so probably that! Or a vegan chocolate mud cake, that’d go down as a real treat.


A lot of people are afraid of going plant-based because they feel like their food options would become quite limited. What’s your take on this?

I can totally understand where people are coming from! I used to think that the plant-based diet was pretty limited and restrictive. My opinion now is that it is not restrictive or limiting in the slightest. Literally, everything you can eat that are made from an animal product, you can make from plants. It can take trial, error and lots of research – but the feeling in the heart, body and soul is worth it. If someone is reading this and worried about making the switch due to a limited diet, please remember that there is SO much information on the internet. Experiment, have fun, get creative!


Out of all of the recipes you’ve created, which one is your favourite and why? (We can’t choose between your vegan tacos and your ultimate vegan buddha bowl)!

Aw, thank you! My favourite is definitely my triple choc-chip cookies. They are one of my oldest recipes, but definitely the most delicious.

Where do you draw your food inspirations from?

Most of my inspiration comes from experimenting! Although, I do go out to eat quite frequently and I get a lot of inspiration from the dishes or desserts that I try. Overall, cooking and recipe development are huge passions of mine and learning in the kitchen is so fun.


What is one ingredient you cannot live without? Why?

I’m going to say garlic. It’s in nearly every single one of my savoury dishes, I love it.


Who are your top 5 food vloggers/bloggers?


What’s in store for Amanda for this year? Can you share with us anything exciting?

Oh my goodness, there’s so much happening! I promised myself that this year would be filled with career and personal development. I’m moving to a new house soon and it has a beautiful, modern white kitchen – which I am so excited to create more recipes in. I’m also working on my first fully plant-based eBook, which I can’t wait to share with everybody!


We love hearing about how people enjoy their Cocobella. What are your favourite ways to use Cocobella coconut water or yoghurt?

Ahhh, there are so many ways! Personally, I think my favourite way to use Cocobella coconut yoghurt is on top of my smoothie bowls, and I love using the coconut water to make home-made fruity icy poles – so refreshing in the Gold Coast Summer!

Check out Amanda’s YouTube channel here.

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