Recipe Inspiration – Amy Le Creations

“I think being kind to yourself is key. Striving for balance is important; don’t feel too guilty if you have a treat now and then. Have fun with your cooking, there’s such a variety of healthy food out there to try.”

Cocobella Ambassador Amy of @amylecreations has a real knack for creating delicious looking and tasting plant-based meals. From delectable desserts to healthy and fresh savoury dishes, she is always finding exciting new ways to integrate nutritious ingredients into her tasty recipes.

We chatted to Amy about some of her culinary inspiration below, enjoy!

Recipe Inspiration – Amy Le Creations @amylecreations

Hi Amy, thanks for chatting with us! Your feed is so bright and cheerful. What is your favourite thing about connecting to like-minded followers on Instagram?

Thanks for chatting with me! My favourite part about this connection is partaking in a community that shares my beliefs and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. You’re not always connected with people with the same interests in the ‘real world,’ so it’s great to be able to go online and feel surrounded by like-minded people.

We can see you stick to a plant-based diet. What lead you to this lifestyle choice?

I switched to a vegan diet after becoming aware of the cruelty behind the meat and dairy industry. From there, I discovered the amazing health and environmental benefits that come from a whole food/ plant-based diet.

What is your favourite savoury recipe to cook as a main dish for your family?

It would have to be pasta! A creamy cashew-based sauce or a lentil mushroom bolognese are among some of my favourites and always go down well.

Do you have a favourite local café in Adelaide? What is your go-to dish on their menu?

I would say Cherry Darlings Bakehouse in Adelaide (for a cheeky treat). They’re completely vegan and serve lovely desserts, with one of my favourites being their delicious vanilla slice. They also serve lots of savoury comfort food too.

Amy Le @amylecreations Recipe Inspiration Instagram

How about a local market? Do you have a favourite place to pick up fresh seasonal produce?

The Adelaide Central Markets has a wonderful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also like to order seasonal and organic produce online and have it delivered straight to my door. Although not a market, it does make it easier to consume fresh local produce if you’re having a busy week!

Your photos are always styled so nicely; what camera do you use to achieve such a high-quality image? What goes into making the perfect shot?

Thank you! I use a Canon 760d. Getting the lighting right is a big factor, along with angles you’re shooting, and the composition of what you’re photographing. Knowing how to edit is important. I’m still constantly learning!

What’s your tried and tested recipe when friends pop over unexpectedly for afternoon tea?

My Coconut and Lemon squares are a tasty afternoon treat, or my Chocolate Coconut Slice is always a go-to for a little bit more decadence!

Do you have a number one dish that although challenging, is always sure to impress?

I’ve found a sweet tart always impresses and my Lemon Curd or Chocolate Mint tarts are always winners; although they don’t take that long to make, I often find that simple is best! Really, the most difficult part of the process is waiting for the tart to set before you can eat it!

Amy Le @amylecreations Recipe Inspiration Instagram

Could you share your top 3 Instagram accounts when it comes to sourcing inspiration for your own cooking?

Occasionally, when I’m in need of inspiration, I like to go through Instagram accounts that are collections of different recipes. @letscookvegan, @thefeedfeed.vegan, and @bestofvegan are all great for that

In your opinion, what is important to keep in mind when engaging in a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

I think being kind to yourself is key. Striving for balance is important; don’t feel too guilty if you have a treat now and then. Have fun with your cooking, there’s such much variety of healthy food out there to try 🙂


Thanks, Amy, it’s been a pleasure!

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