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Chloe of @the_smallseed_ has one of those accounts that is dangerous to peruse; you’ll be immediately overwhelmed by cravings for nourishing, fresh foods! There is no limit to her creativity, Chloe is constantly sharing new ways for preparing and presenting all the most wholesome foods making her feed a one stop destination for inspiration. We caught up with her recently to hear a bit more about what goes on behind-the-scenes of @the_smallseed_.

We love your feed Chloe! There is such an abundance of fresh, colourful plant-based meals that have us salivating! Can you give us an insight into a shopping experience for you? Do you improvise according to available produce?

Thank you! Being a mum of three, planning and organisation is important when it comes to shopping trips. Having said that, like many people I always seem to get carried away and come back with more than I had on my list! I have a couple of favourite stores that I like to visit which do fantastic local produce and I draw inspiration from what is seasonally available.

You’ve got such a knack for arranging foods, your feed is full of works of art! Where do you draw your inspiration when it comes to food presentation?

This is one of the areas that I enjoy most about what I do. I love to play with colours and textures. Once I know what I am going to create the styling aspect flows fairly freely. I intend to start sharing some videos on my Instagram feed soon. I draw inspiration from many sources including nature, art work, Instagram, magazines etc.

Imagine you have 10 friends coming over for dinner tonight, what would you put on the menu?

As you know from my feed I’m all about platters and the aspect of “shared” food, a social bond that brings people together. When we have friends over I love putting together a whole table of mezza style platters that allow people to taste and experience a range of different foods in a more relaxed way. Typically, this would include vegan cheeses, olives, dips, breads and seasonal fruits. I tend to also make up large “one pot” wonders such as soup, dahls, risotto and pastas.

What is the most challenging part of running @the_smallseed_?

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pressure of wanting to create and share new recipes, being an artistic person I have a desire to constantly create which I find frustrating on days when ideas are not flowing. I’ve found that the best way to deal with this is by finding a balance between work and play. I love going for long walks and catching up with a friend for a cuppa and a chat!

School holidays are notoriously busy for mums. What are some fun recipes you make with your kids to keep them entertained and nourished?

Ha, yes they are! Recently my youngest has been helping me make nut milks which is a great one for young kids as they are able to see the transformation of a nut into milk which he found really interesting. I also love how my daughter uses recipes from my Instagram page for making muffins, smoothies and fresh juices. I love seeing how they are inspired to make healthier food choices.

What’s your idea of indulging? Paint us a picture of an afternoon where you have some time to yourself and need a bit of you-time?

Depending on my mood; curling up with a veggie cheese and dip platter and a glass of wine, a good magazine, movie or relaxing outside on my daybed getting lost in thought. One that is also high up on my list is visiting thrift/second-hand shops looking for props.

If one of your followers came to your hometown of Melbourne for 24 hours, what would you put on your list of must-dos for them?

Being around 60kms outside the city of Melbourne, my list of must-dos are all located in and around the Mornington Peninsula. I would recommend that my followers explore the wineries around Redhill, the amazing local craft and produce markets and enjoy breathtaking coastal walks, like the one I did recently at Bushrangers Bay.

What are your go-to brekkies to fuel you with energy for the day ahead?

I love overnight oats, there are so many varieties. Also chia pudding with fruits, nuts and seeds, avocado on toast with tomatoes and dukkah and finally, peanut butter and raspberry chia jam toast.

Out of the many things in your kitchen that you use to craft recipes, what’s your favourite or most-loved tool or instrument?

My thrift shop finds; cutlery, ceramics, linen and my blender (sorry I can’t limit it to just the one!)

Can you provide us with an insight into creating your feed? How do you plan recipes and photo-shoots, and what advice would you give someone hoping to start their own food blog or social media account?

If I have a number of collaborations happening I tend to sit down at the beginning of the week and plan what I will be creating and when, beyond that I like to let things develop organically. In terms of starting your own social media account it is important you find a subject that you are really passionate about, create your own style, be consistent and keep it real.

Are there any fruits or veggies that you really dislike? And have you tried to be creative in order to consume them for their nutritional value?

No, I really can’t think of any!! However if I’m making something for the kids I have been known to throw a sneaky zucchini, avocado or some quinoa into a smoothie to up their nutritional intake. Cheeky I know! 😉

Could you share the top five Instagram accounts you love?

Hard to choose just five but some of them are:

@alphafoodie – so innovative, always coming up with new and fun ideas

@jetsetmama – for keeping things real

@woodlucker – incredibly talented artists with such attention to detail working with wood/paper

@theworldwidetribe – helps me to keep things in perspective when I’m having a bad day

@earthpix – keeps my dreams fuelled for one day travelling the world again and all of Mother Nature’s incredible places

Your kids are so lucky to have a mum such as yourself, crafting fun, healthy meals. What does a typical @the_smallseed_ school lunch box look like?

It usually consists of leftovers that I combine with pasta/quinoa or into wraps. My youngest likes to keep things a little simpler and tends to take in a sandwich, usually filled with hummus and salad. I also often pack crackers, dips and veggie sticks, or occasionally sushi rolls (but I seriously need to work on my rolling skills!). I like to create something like muffins or cookies for a homemade, healthy treat. And I ALWAYS include fruit and veggies.

Do you have any new and exciting projects on the horizon that you would like to share?

I’m looking forward to a fermenting/gut-healing workshop that I am attending this month. I am also working hard on getting my blog up and running. I am excited for developing more food styling opportunities beyond what I do on Instagram.



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