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We only have one body and I think we all owe it to ourselves to nourish it, not only with what we put into our mouth, but with how we treat it with love, exercise and rest too.

Cocobella Ambassador Jess of @mindful_moose is a vegan mama with a real talent for creating plant-based and raw dishes that are as good to look at, as they are healthy. With a particular focus on drool-worthy desserts, scrolling through her Instagram feed definitely conjures up cravings for a sweet treat, whilst also inspiring the pursuit of a well-balanced lifestyle. It’s clear that Jess is passionate about living a happy healthy life for herself, her bub, and bub on the way!

We chatted to Jess about what inspires her culinary creations here, enjoy!


We love your feed Jess! You’re a lover and a maker of sweet and savoury vegan dishes that are totally drool-worthy. Where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to creating new recipes?

Thank you so much! I think I draw my inspiration from a few places, but the major one that comes to mind is fellow Instagrammers. Being a part of a community of healthy plant-based foodies and creatives makes me want to share more and more, and seeing the delicious things everyone is creating is so inspiring too! The other things that inspire me are my sweet tooth, and turning old favourites into vegan-friendly versions for my loved ones.


Your feed is a plant-based vegan dream! What led you to pursue this lifestyle choice?

It began as a decision for my health mainly, and as a challenge. It made sense to cut out these foods, so I embarked on a 30-day vegan challenge and have never looked back. I’m five years vegan now. I was vegetarian for ethical reasons for the majority of my teen years, but I had no idea about the cruelty behind dairy, eggs etc. Now that I’ve become more educated on the mistreatment of animals and environmental issues behind animal agriculture, it has become so much more to me than a healthier way to eat. I could never, not be vegan now.

@mindful_moose Jess Ettridge Recipe Inspiration

Why do you think it is important for people to be conscious of what they fuel their body with and engage in a healthy balanced lifestyle?

The one quote which always sticks with me is “look after your body, it is the only place you have to live”. I think that sums it up perfectly. We only have one body and I think we all owe it to ourselves to nourish it, not only with what we put into our mouth, but with how we treat it with love, exercise and rest too.


What essentials make their way into your grocery basket each week?

Oooh I love this question! My staples are avocados, peanut butter, greens, tomatoes, bananas, and some good raw choccy. I must always have these on hand.


When you’re not creating in the kitchen, where do you like to go out for breakfast in your hometown, Perth?

To be honest I never make it out for breakfast since having our little man, and I am so out of touch with the good breakky spots! The mornings here are busy and my favourite time to get things done around the house, I’m a much more of a ‘venture out in the afternoons’ kind of girl.

@mindful_moose Jess Ettridge Recipe Inspiration

If one of your followers came to Perth for 24 hours, which foodie spots would you recommend they visit?

The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle is hands-down my favourite!


What is your quick and easy brekkie for those whirlwind mornings?

My go-to breakfasts are either peanut butter on wholemeal toast, or a peanut butter + cacao green smoothie. Hands up peanut butter lovers!


What is your favourite recipe you’ve ever created?

I think it would be my raw caramel slice. It’s such a crowd pleaser, too. So if you’re looking to impress someone with something plant based made from all natural ingredients it would be perfect! The ultimate does-not-taste-healthy dessert.


Your Instagram feed is bright, colourful and inviting. What camera and software do you use to achieve your signature look?

I’ve recently updated my eight year old Nikon DLSR to the Nikon D5600 and I am in LOVE. I just do minimal editing (brightening, warmth adjustments etc.) on Instagram prior to posting.

@mindful_moose Jess Ettridge Recipe Inspiration

Your lovely family is growing (congratulations!). Do you have any tips for your followers when it comes to staying organised and healthy?  

Thank you! My tips would be to stock up and keep healthy food around you. Go for easy but healthy meals you can prep in advance! I’m a huge fan of roasting up big trays of vegetables to have with greens, roasted chickpeas, some type of grain and if I’ve pre-cooked some, avocado and tahini dressing. Just throw it all in a bowl and eat! I also love making bliss balls for quick pick-me-ups to save reaching for those unhealthy snacks (by that I 100% mean vegan chocolate haha).


Could you share your top five Instagram accounts you love?

Oooh how to choose?!

@healthyfrenchwife, @talinegabriel, @earthfawn, @violasassi & @lonijane but there’s so many that I truly love.


What is your favourite thing about sharing your culinary creations with your Instagram community?

My favourite thing is seeing people remaking and loving my recipes. It means so much that I am inspiring them to choose healthier, plant-based foods. I really love seeing others push the boundaries of plant foods and I just hope people love seeing it from me too!


Do you have any new and exciting projects on the horizon that you would like to share?

Growing baby number two is my biggest project at the moment! While she and her big brother have really slowed me up on the finishing touches too my eBook, it is still always on my mind and I’m excited to have that out ASAP!

Thanks Jess, it’s been a pleasure!


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