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Hi Nina, thanks for chatting to us! Firstly, we love your feed – it’s so colourful! Where do you like to source of vibrant fruit and veg?

Thank you so much, so kind of you! I like to buy my fruit and veg from the local farmer’s market whenever I can, as it’s always fresh, great quality and cheaper. If I can’t do that, then I just visit a regular grocery store or fruit and vegetable shop, always favouring what’s on special and in season at the time.

We can see you stick to a vegan diet. What lead you to a plant-based lifestyle?

I’ve always been a huge animal lover, so I became vegetarian in primary school. Then, after becoming very interested in health and nutrition during high school, I eventually came across the documentary ‘Earthlings’. After watching that I became vegan overnight and I haven’t looked back since.

Hard question, but what spring-time seasonal vegetables are your favourite to cook with?

Ooh yes definitely a hard question, but at the moment I’m really loving all the broccoli and cauliflower. Especially in big veggie stir fries.

Naturally Nina

Naturally Nina

Sounds delicious! How about fresh seasonal fruits?

Berries all the way! I always get excited when I see all the fresh strawberries and blueberries come into season. I can’t get enough.

Neither can we, trust us! If you could live off one dish (that you can make at home) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ah you’re really testing me now! I’m going to have to say baked sweet potatoes stuffed with bean chilli and corn. So good.

That sounds delicious. Do you consider yourself more of a sweet or savoury type of gal?

Sweet definitely! I could live off fruit, no problem.

Naturally Nina

Naturally Nina

Fruit is a real winner, we agree. We are also huge fans of starting the day with a healthy breakfast, what’s your go-to recipe?

My favourite go-to breakfast would have to be a mango nice-cream bowl, which is just frozen bananas, frozen mango and a splash of Cocobella coconut water blended until it’s smooth and creamy. Then I spoon it into a bowl and top with plenty of fresh fruit and raw granola.

What a perfect start to the day! What would you recommend as the best home-made snacks to keep you energised between meals?

I never go a day without snacking! I usually go for fresh fruit, dates, dried figs, homemade bliss balls or rice cakes with a bunch of toppings.

Yum. What about treats? (We are huge fans of treat-foods, trust us!) What is your favourite little indulgence or sweet-treat to whip up at home?

I’m also a huge believer in treats, and almost feel that everything I eat is a ‘treat’ because I love how it tastes and it makes me feel amazing. But for an extra special treat I can’t go past the raw caramel slice from my e-book.

Naturally Nina

Naturally Nina

Raw caramel slice = ultimate treat! Who is your greatest inspiration when it comes to preparing healthy and balanced meals for yourself?

I would have to say my Instagram vegan community is a daily inspiration to me. I love how everyone is so passionate about health, looking after your body and living a compassionate lifestyle. It does feel like one big family! Also, because of how much of a change I’ve recognised within myself since going vegan, staying motivated and inspired couldn’t be easier.

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