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“I think it’s important to learn to love ourselves first and not focus on physical aesthetics as a primary motivation for eating healthy food.”

Cocobella Ambassador Tahlia of @Rawganic_ sure knows how to make a plant-based diet sing. From delicious smoothie bowls to healthy and tasty looking salads, we are always so impressed with her creativity in the kitchen, and her ability to utilise every colour of the rainbow in her dishes.

We chatted to Tahlia about some of her culinary inspiration below, enjoy and happy reading.

Hi Tahlia, thanks for chatting with us! Your feed is so inspiring. What is your favourite thing about connecting to like-minded followers on Instagram?

I think it’s wonderful that so many compatible people can connect. It’s a wonderful way to meet people who have similar interests, hobbies, values and beliefs. It is also a great feeling to be constantly inspired by those you surround yourself with and connect with online. I’ve met so many beautiful souls and thanks to an Adelaide foodie meet up, I met three of my closest friends!

Tahlia Harvey @rawganic_ recipe inspiration instagram

We can see you stick to a plant-based diet. What lead you to this lifestyle choice?

My wellbeing journey started by making healthy treats, which lead me to discover raw and vegan food. From there, I decided to do some research on health and wellbeing, and plant-based diets came up a lot. I then watched ‘101 Reasons to be Vegan’ and had a light bulb moment! Not only does a plant-based diet make me feel good physically and mentally, it’s a great feeling knowing I’m helping the environment and not harming other living beings.

Could you share a particularly fond memory of sharing food with friends and family?

Most of my favourite memories are sharing food with others! Recently I celebrated my birthday with twenty of my closest friends and it was such a magical experience! Everyone brought a plate of plant-based food, which we ate at a picnic on my favourite local beach. There were so many amazing dishes, and we watched the sunset, listened to music and ate until we couldn’t possibly couldn’t eat anymore!

I’ve also had some great food overseas; delicious pizza in Positano Italy with two of my closest friends; a seven course vegan feast in Koh Samui; and taking a wrong turn in Mykonos and finding the cutest cafe with a vegan menu (which was so rare in Greece) and eating on a table by the sea watching the sunset.

Do you have a favourite local café in Adelaide? What’s your go-to dish on the menu?

I can never go past Argo on the Parade, Nutrition Republic and Juice Lovers Juicery, they all do an amazing range of healthy and delicious salads and smoothies.

Tahlia Harvey @rawganic_ recipe inspiration instagram

How about a local market? Do you have a favourite location for purchasing fresh local produce for your cooking?

I love perusing the fresh and vibrant produce at the Adelaide Central Markets and spending my Sunday’s at The Market Shed on Holland.

Your photos are always super fresh and colourful, what camera do you use to achieve such high-quality images?

Thank you! I use a Sony A5000 or my phone if my camera isn’t handy.

What’s your go-to recipe when friends pop over for lunch on the weekend?

Vegetarian and healthy are my usual pre-requisites, so nothing beats a good old veggie burger! They are jam packed with lots of fresh veggies and, even if I do say so myself, everybody loves them J

Do you have a number one dish that although challenging, is always sure to impress?

A dish I have found to be not so much challenging but more of a time-consuming venture is making a vegetarian lasagne. Loaded with slow cooked veggies, homemade cashew cheese and tomato sauce, it takes some time to perfect but I find cooking a dish slowly with lots of love always provides a delicious result.

Could you share your top 5 Instagram accounts when it comes to sourcing inspiration for your own cooking?

It’s tough to pick just five but I’d say some of my long-term favourites would be:


Honestly, everyone I follow inspires me in some way.

Tahlia Harvey @rawganic_ recipe inspiration instagram

In your opinion, what is important to keep in mind when engaging in a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

I think it’s important to learn to love ourselves first and not focus on physical aesthetics as a primary motivation for eating healthy food.

I think exercising and eating well is super important because our bodies deserve the nutrients they need to thrive. My advice is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and move your body daily. However, don’t forget it’s all about balance and trying new things—don’t deny yourself pizza every now and then, you deserve it!


Thanks, Tahlia, it’s been a pleasure!

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