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No one knows how to whip up a healthy sweet treat quite like our good friend and Cocobella Ambassador Samantha from Wholesome Patisserie. Cakes, slices and baked treats galore, Samantha proves that indulgences can also be good for you and gluten free cooking doesn’t have to mean bland and boring. We chatted to to Samantha about some of her culinary inspiration below, enjoy and happy reading!

Hi Samantha, thanks for chatting to us! Your feed is so drool-worthy. What is your favourite thing about connecting to like-minded followers on Instagram?

Hello! Thanks so much for having me!

My favourite thing about connecting to like-minded followers on Instagram would have to be the followers themselves. I really enjoy waking up each morning and checking my Instagram feed to see what everyone has been creating. It really does inspire me for the day ahead and gives me such a positive mindset.

We can see you stick to a gluten-free diet. What lead you to this lifestyle choice?

My Mum! She is actually gluten intolerant. She discovered this 2 years ago and ever since, our whole household switched to a gluten free diet/lifestyle to support her. We all agree we have never felt better!

If I consume a little gluten now, I can definitely feel the negative effects it has on my body. Baking completely gluten free has been a challenge but I think a challenge is a good thing, especially because it has lead us as a family to a much healthier lifestyle.

@wholesomepatisserie Sam Pickthall Recipe Inspiration Instagram

Obviously we share the sweet-tooth gene, but do you have a favourite savoury dish you would like to share?

I’m definitely a massive sweet tooth, but I love my savoury food too.

I have started to share more savoury recipes on my blog now, which is fun because I have so many delicious, healthy savoury meals that my family and I have enjoyed for so many years.

I even created a tasty dish of Coconut Rice with Roasted Sweet Potatoes using Cocobella Straight Up coconut water! It’s perfect for the upcoming summer months and is now up on the Cocobella website.

Do you have a favourite local café in Melbourne that you would like to recommend?

Yes! The Chocolate Dragonfly Cafe in Dandenong’s The Basin offers fabulous gluten free, vegetarian and fructose free menus and their homemade gluten free and dairy free hot chocolate is a must!

Also, the new Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully is amazing. They’re a massive warehouse offering fresh, organic produce along with a wide selection of healthy food and beauty products. They also have a decent sized café inside, serving great gluten free, dairy free and vegan meals plus yummy raw vegan treats!

@wholesomepatisserie Sam Pickthall Recipe Inspiration Instagram

How about a local market?

I love discovering and supporting local farmer’s markets. The Whitehorse Farmers Market in Nunawading would have to be my favourite- fresh, organic and local produce is in abundance there. I also like to purchase a few of my beauty products from there, such as handmade organic soap, shampoo and conditioner and more. I think supporting our local businesses that are passionate about healthy living and providing the local community with organic and toxic free products is just fantastic.

Your photos are always super gorgeous, what camera do you use to achieve such a high quality image?

Thanks so much! I use a Canon 6D DSLR camera and I switch between two lenses: the Canon 50mm 1.4 lens and the Canon 100mm 2.8 lens.  I mostly use my 100mm for those great quality close ups where you can see every crumb, it’s almost as though you can grab it out of your screen.

What’s your go-to recipe when friends pop over for afternoon tea?

Cupcakes are always a winner! Also, I have recently been making a gluten free, vegan, no-bake Mint Slice recipe because it’s super easy to whip up at short notice.

Do you have a number one dish that although challenging, is always sure to impress?

Oh this is a hard one. I like to share somewhat easy and simple recipes, especially the healthy ones because I want people to know just how easy it can be.

For a sweet recipe, I would have to say one of my three element cupcakes.  These include the cake, the middle filling and the frosting. They’re involved and time consuming. They’re always a winner though because they offer so much flavour and deliciousness.

A savoury recipe would have to be my Vegan Nasi Goreng. It’s not overly challenging but more time consuming because of all the vegetables you have to prepare and chop. It impresses because it’s loaded with flavour and healthy ingredients.

@wholesomepatisserie Sam Pickthall Recipe Inspiration Instagram

Could you share your top 5 Instagram accounts when it comes to sourcing inspiration for your own baking?

I have so many, but I just have to choose five, it would be have be:

Shivesh @shivesh17

Olivia @livforcake

Ashley @bakerbynature

Lindsay @pinchofyum

Lindsay from @cottercrunch

Not only do I get baking and cooking inspiration from them, I also love their food photography and styling, they’re just amazing!

In your opinion, what is important to keep in mind when engaging in a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

I think it’s important to sustain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, I’m all for wholesome eating and living. There are just too many illnesses affecting people in this day and age that comes directly from our food supply and beauty and lifestyle products.

At the end of the day, your body is the only place you have to live so why not do everything in your power to keep it running to its optimal ability? That being said, I am a true believer in balance and being kind to yourself.


Thanks Sam!


Check out Sam’s recipes for Coconut Rice with Sweet Potatoes and Cashews and Coconut Matcha Bounty Balls.

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