Social Cycling

Cycling is on the up. With the buzz on bicycles filtering into everyday life, tapping into cycling can open up a whole new world of social events, networking, community projects and yes, even fashion. Dive into the following ideas.

Group Fitness

Cycling in groups doesn’t have to be limited to spin classes. Get old fashioned and out in the fresh air with a gang of like-minded pedal pushers.

For competitive social racing get adventurous with Alley Cat racing or an urban cycle cross. If you prefer to kick it down a notch, take a leisurely long distance ride with groups like the Melbourne Tweed Ride, or soak up some street art with groups like Art Cycle Sydney.

Prefer to rally up your own group and get off the beaten track? Think about ending your session with a meet up at a bike friendly cafe, complete with nifty bike parking and early openings for morning trail rides.

Bike Café 

Image via: Bike Café

The key health benefits of cycling are burning calories and toning muscle. If your medium impact exercise of choice is jogging, think about switching it up by hopping on a bike. Your joints will welcome the low impact work out!

Riding your bike doesn’t need to be a high-energy sporting event to reap the rewards either. Even at a slow, meandering pace cycling is proven to lift energy levels and fight fatigue.


We promise it’s not all lycra out there. You can stay shielded from the rain and illuminated from traffic in absolute style.

There’s a range of designers, like Urban Legend­ or Bago Studio embracing breathable cycle fashion, and you may even find yourself obsessed with cycle street fashion.

Shielded from the rain

Image via: Shielded from the rain


Image via: Bago

Urban Legend

Image via: Urban Legend

Getting Started

Cycling Festivals are a fun way to get absorbed in the cycling culture and learn more from bike suppliers and community cycle groups. Bike Week and Velo in the Park are the two biggest in Australia, but check with your local council for other events.

If all of this sounds like a great new adventure, read up on selecting the right bike and head down to a Bike Market to meet your new partner in crime.


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