The Return of the Road Trip

What makes a legendary road trip? Whether in a car, bus or train, it doesn’t when you’re with your besties. Key ingredients are simply escaping from familiarity and the daily grind. Go local if an extended adventure isn’t on the cards. So long as you head into the unknown, you can get the quintessential experience. Here’s some of our favourite tips and tricks to get the most out of your next expedition.

Think outside the box

See Australia through the lens of a traveler. Sometimes it’s easy to take the amazingly varied landscapes and locations we’re lucky enough to have in our own backyard for granted. Be it the fresh ocean air of the 12 Apostles and Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the breathtaking Blue Mountains in New South Whales or endless, pristine beaches along the coast, there’s bound to be countless locations still to be ticked off your bucket list. Get more inspiration for Australia-wide treks here.

Just four hours out of Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles are some of the most breath taking scenes to be found in Victoria.

The Blue Mountains’ sprawling landscape is an awe-inspiring sight only 90 minutes out of Sydney.

The soundtrack to your summer

No road trip is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Once upon a time, a handful of old cassettes would provide the ultimate nostalgic experience, forever solidifying memories after playing the same few albums for hours on end. These days we love downloading our favourite artists’ mix tapes to provide the ‘soundtrack of the road trip.’ Check out local Sydney label Hand Games for some of the newest and most exciting local releases with their free mix tapes or get inspired at World Of Wanderlust with their regularly updated and free travel-inspired playlists.

Image via Butter Yo Bread

Image via: Butter Yo Bread
Not just a kitsch iPhone case! These little guys used to play music!

Keeping healthy & hydrated on the road

Stay hydrated and healthy on the road with Cocobella and think ahead with pre-packed road trip snacks. We love this vegan trail mix recipe of raw pecans, raw almonds, raw walnuts, unsweetened cranberry, goji berries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, as recommended on the Chalkboard Mag or get inspiration for your own flavour combinations via Lauren Conrad’s trail mix recipes. Farms and wineries often sell fresh, organic produce direct to the public, or even roadside. Chat to stall holders in-the-know to get some tips for using overripe fruit in interesting ways! Learn more about clean eating and planning your road trip meals here.

Image via Small Town Chutney

Image via: Small Town Chutney
Support local farmers and stock up on fresh produce, straight from the source.

What are your favourite day trip destinations or tips for getting the most out of your next road trip? Share your best Cocobella road trip moments on Instagram and add #cocobellamoment for a repost!

The Return of the Road Trip
The Return of the Road Trip
The Return of the Road Trip
The Return of the Road Trip
The Return of the Road Trip
The Return of the Road Trip

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