The Road To Blogging Success

Have you ever wanted to share all of those amazing, delicious and foolproof recipes with the world? Well, the internet is the place to do it!

How did I come about to create my blog Wholesome Patisserie?



Looking back on the years now, I was eager to have some sort of website/blog many years before I even launched my current website. I remember sitting on my family’s old desktop computer, trying to navigate a blog website where you could create your own, having zero idea about what I was embarking on.


Needless to say I gave up after a few attempts of creating my own website. What did I do after that? I still wanted somewhere where I could have my recipes in one place, so I typed them out, printed many pages and placed them all in a pink folder. Who saw it? Just myself mostly and my parents. This wasn’t what I intended.



A couple of years passed, and in the meantime I attended TAFE and received my Certificate III in Patisserie and Certificate II in retail Cake & Pastry. After completing my course, I still had no desire to go work in a commercial kitchen or bakery. I always wanted to branch out into something different and not your typical 9-5. So, this is when I really knuckled down and focused on getting my very own blog up online to share my recipes with the world.


Fast forward, and after nine years of working in retail whilst working on my recipe blog on the weekends, I was able to leave my 9-5 job and fully submerge myself into the recipe blogging landscape.


I’ve been very lucky and I count my blessings daily that I get to work with the brands I love and create incredible working relationships. I get to create new recipes daily, and I’m loving every second of it!



Here’s a few of my top tips on getting your own blog/website started:


Do your research. Find a reliable platform provider and host company which is where your website will live.

Reach out to some of your blogging inspirations if you can, ask the questions, and you’ll be surprised just how helpful people can be.

Many successful, bigger food bloggers right now actually have programs which you can subscribe to that provide everything you need to know, which is fantastic! It’s just one Google search away.

Be prepared to put in the hard yards. This takes time, effort and passion. You absolutely have to have a love for what you’re doing first and foremost, otherwise you won’t have any longevity.


I hope my story and advice has inspired you to do the same!



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