Three simple ways to live healthier

3 simple health tips

We could all do with some extra inspiration, when it comes to what and how we eat. There are so many food and diet myths out there, but I’m all about keeping things simple, delicious & nutritious. Yes, it can be that easy.

Too many times I hear about how complicated, expensive and intimidating a healthy lifestyle is. In reality, a wholesome life where you fill up on delicious, real foods and thrive, couldn’t be any simpler.

It’s what we were made to do and what feels so natural. You just need to get started. Here’s my three simple ways to live healthier today:

1. Real is ace

In poker, the ace card ranks highest. It trumps all else. This is how you want to think about real food. Select ingredients you know and recognise as coming from our earth – whether from a tree, flower, plant, animal or the ocean. Choose the real and really good.

When in doubt, just remember it’s only the last generation of society that has consumed processed and refined foods in the way we do now. The preservatives, colourings and ‘playing around’ of food takes us further from our body’s natural rhythms and instincts, making it harder to nourish as we need (and making that packet of chips/chocolate/cookies look even better).

We’re hooked and will remain hooked if we continue to eat this way. The alternative is far better and more delicious anyway. Real trumps everything.

2. Hydrate

hydrate - cocobella my way

Between 50-75% of your body is made up of water. How hydrated we are is key to an incredible number of bodily processes including our pH (acidity and alkalinity), cell structure, lean muscle adaption and brain power.

There’s little going on inside you that is not affected by hydration, and once you’re thirsty it’s already too late. The key here is prevention. If you’re in humid climates, air conditioning and/or exercising a lot, you need to be extra vigilant.

Water is our number one go-to and you can think of it as food – absolutely key to living a healthy life. Estimates vary, but between 2 to 3 litres is what we’re aiming for.

I’d recommend an unsweetened coconut water, just like Cocobella. Coconut water is especially great for drinking after strenuous exercise or for those living in tropical, humid climates. If you’re in cooler climates, a coconut water mixed with a herbal tea can be a great contributor to hydration.

3. Own it

cocobella muesli

There’s no need to be embarrassed or inward about living a healthy and thriving life.

It’s what you deserve and are made for. Be proud and enjoy every moment of how incredible it feels.

It’s far from selfish or indulgent and you may be surprised to find you’ve inspired others around you to live better and thrive. There is a wonderful knock-on effect form the daily decisions we make.

It’s not about being perfect, a particular size or only eating this or that. It’s about being truly in touch with what your body needs, enjoying the liberation of eating freely and no longer making negatively impacted decisions. The right way is what feels amazing.

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