Our Top 5 Beach Bag Essentials

As high summer hits, days at the beach are an essential to way to counter the heat and stay cool in the great outdoors. But what to bring, what to pack… it’s such a chore! To make your seaside adventures a bit easier for you, we’ve collected our five favourite beach bag essentials to keep you sitting pretty on the sand. Read on to find out more:

Cocobella Top 5 Beach Bag Essentials


  1. Cooler bag + Cocobella ice blocks

Using a cooler bag to cart your supplies will keep your snacks fresher and your drinks frostier for longer. A hot tip? Pack it the evening before so everything is super chilled the next day for your trip to the beach. We also suggest freezing your favourite Cocobella coconut water variety in an ice tray, and either add to your h2o or devour as mini icy-snacks. Your friends and family will thank you for the extra tropical hit come lunchtime!

  1. Sun-protection

Never, ever skip out of the sunscreen step—it’s a crucial component of your beach day prep! Make sure you apply at least 20 minutes before arriving at the beach, and don’t forgot to reapply every 2 hours. When used as directed, SPF30 sunscreen filters 96.7% of UV radiation and SPF 50 filters 98%. Both provide excellent protection as long as they are applied properly. Don’t make us say it… (slip, slop, slap and slide!). Yes, this includes sunglasses—slide them on! Not only will you add some seriously sleek vibes to your beachside outfit, you’ll be protecting your eyes from UV radiation, which can cause irritation, excessive blinking and swelling. The hardest decision is really just choosing what style you want to debut!

  1. Hydration

Cocobella Straight Up coconut water is the perfect beach-side pal. Cocobella coconut water is rich in 5 key electrolytes (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorous) making it refreshing and hydrating. Cocobella’s portable packaging makes it easy to hydrate on the go while the naturally occurring minerals help you recover from exercise and stay hydrated in the hot weather. Hot tip: Fressko flasks are a great way to add fresh fruit and veg to your beverage, perfect for sunny days!

Cocobella Top 5 Beach Bag Essentials with Fressko
  1. Fun things to do

There is such an abundance of beach-savvy accessories available to make your day by the water that bit more memorable. Our current go-to’s include: an underwater camera, so we can snap away at our friend’s silly faces (when an unexpected wave comes along!) and this cute beach radio that is sure to keep the tropical vibes alight.

  1. After-sun care.

After a long day of splashing about in the salty sea, the health of our tresses is a likely casualty. Get into repair mode straight away (we’re talking as soon as you pop in the car to drive home) by lathering an after-sun moisture mask into your hair to revive that glossy do of yours. Also, don’t forget to slather some moisturiser onto your skin as well, it deserves a little TLC after being in the sun and the salt all day.



Summer really is our favourite season, and with a little self care, you’ll be cruising around feeling happy and hydrated in no time!


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