Top 5 Free Online Workouts

Sometimes a great workout is dependent on an excellent instructor.  It’s essential to find someone to inspire, motivate and kick your butt! Five of the best online workouts we believe in are reviewed below, and just a few keystrokes away.

Remember to choose a fitness regime that suits your abilities and swap sports drinks with the hydrating, muscle restoring benefits of our 100% pure Cocobella Straight Up coconut water, with no added sugar or preservatives.

The 7-Day Body Reboot

The Body Reboot series is a stylish fitness and nutrition plan, produced by Net-a-Porter and hosted by Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson and Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson. Each video in this series is split into two parts – a workout and a complimentary recipe. Strength training, body conditioning and Rainbow Juice – just remember to add a dash of Cocobella to the blend where you can!

Rachel Finch’s Summer Workout

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Rachel Finch takes us through 20 minutes of toning exercises with plenty of tips to getting the moves right. You only need a pair of hand weights to get started, and it’s an easy routine to take to the beach, park or backyard. Pack some healthy snacks, a Cocobella 500ml resealable drink pack and you’re ready to go.

Train Like an Angel

Take the lead from a terrifically toned Victoria’s Secret Model, and work your core in this easy-to-follow session. Perhaps the best part of this routine is it features ordinary people in the training! Three fitness magazine editors come along for the ride with you, proving that non-models can certainly give it a try. Reward yourself with Cocobella Chilled afterwards.

Tony Horton’s Intensive Sweat

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Tony Horton’s Intensive Sweat session is 10 minutes of high intensity sumo squats, crunches, planks and uppercuts, suitable for men and women ready to sweat. You’ll feel the burn on this calorie churning session you won’t forget. Remember to replenish your fluids with Cocobella and lots of H2O.

Essential Yoga with Brooke Vardi

This is an excellent instructional video on understanding the basics of yoga, brought to you by Lorna Jane and yogi, Brooke Vardi. If you’ve ever wondered whether your yoga postures are being done correctly, then you’ll love this walk through.

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