Top Tips For Staying Motivated During Winter

The colder months are here. It’s freezing. The days are shorter.  It’s harder to crawl out from underneath the covers and get yourself out of bed… Let alone get yourself up and out to a gym class, or out for a run or whatever type of training it is that you usually have going on.

While it’s easy to get out of rhythm in winter, and OH so much easier to stay wrapped up in your doona and binge on Netflix (& maybe have an extra glass of red or 2) it’s important not fall into the ‘black hole’ that is the winter months and to keep yourself up and about!

Not only is it important for your physical fitness and wellbeing, but it’s a key factor to a healthier mental and emotional state (#winterblues anyone?)

Also, if there is one thing that we’re guaranteed of once winter has begun, it’s that Summer is coming right back at you, and it’s usually sooner than you’re ready for.

Here’s some of my favourite tips for staying motivated through Winter.


Top Tips for staying motivated during Winter - Phoebe Di Tommaso

Organise and plan your week

Set yourself up for success. I like to have a weekly plan of my training sessions for the week ahead. Sit down at the end of each week and plan how your next week of workouts is going to look. It might be something as simple as booking into your 3 Circuit classes for the week, making time in your schedule for a couple of running sessions or even just planning a hike on the weekend. The first step is having a plan or intention set for yourself. The second part is getting it done. Easy!


Find what you like / try something new

Mixing up your training schedule with some new ways to workout can be really helpful for motivation.

I’m big on finding what ways you love to train, and doing that!

Some people HATE running, so why try to make yourself run if you know you hate it? Get out there and try some new things! (Strength sessions, dance classes, pilates, gymnastics… whatever floats your boat!) but there is something out there for everyone.

I’m all about finding the fun in training, so go find what you love to do!


Top Tips for staying motivated during Winter - Phoebe Di Tommaso

Set a goal

Whether it’s training for a big event like a triathlon or marathon, or just getting your weekly gym classes done, goals look different for everyone.

It’s important to figure out how YOU operate, and set your goals accordingly.


Reward yourself

Following straight on from above (point 3) when you’ve set your goal up, and nailed it.. REWARD YOURSELF! Celebrate your achievements! It’s important to acknowledge these moments.

So whether it’s a nice dinner out after your triathlon, or some new active wear once you’ve nailed a month of training, get our there and treat yo’ self!


Find a workout buddy

This is one of the big ones!

If you have someone you’re training with, the chances of you getting your workouts done are significantly higher.

So buddy up with a friend or group of friends, lock in some training dates and get moving!

It’s one of the easiest ways to stay motivated and keep on top of your training over winter!


Remember, motivation is just like your muscles – the more you work on it, the more it grows!


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