Top 5 Wellness Apps

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Let’s confess, we’re all glued to our phones way too much these days. If you’re finding life’s ins and outs are wearing you down, take a look at these must-have apps for staying inspired, motivated and de-stressed. It’ll give your smartphone a whole new reason to stay in your pocket.

Zombies, Run!

Get fit by escaping zombies! Devised by running experts, this app combines an action based story game into your walking, jogging or running routine. Plug your headphones in for audio instructions and imaginary zombie sounds to make you run faster. There are structured training options and over 160 missions to complete.

Why you should download: This app get’s your heart pumping for more reasons than one!

Pocket Yoga

Choose the duration and difficulty level to suit your daily regime. Log in to Pocket Yoga, prop up your iPad and stretch out in the cover of your own home. Now there’s really no excuse not to squeeze in a yoga session to flex out your muscles and slow down your mind.

Why you should download: Sometimes it’s nice to skip a yoga class and do it in the comfort of your own home. This app gives you the yoga workout without the full class.

Smiling Mind

Aimed specifically for young Australians, Smiling Mind has easy guided meditations to soothe tired minds and clear away stress. It’s great to have a voice-guide talk you through relaxations, and we were surprised how refreshed we felt afterwards.

Why you should download: Guided meditations introduce you to the basics of meditation in a friendly, informal way.

Smiling Mind

Image via: Smiling Mind


This cheerful app helps keep your spirits lifted and reminds you just how good life can be. Instead of getting caught up in the low points of life, Happier encourages you to collect the happy moments. It was created based on scientific research which proves collating good thoughts can springboard you into feeling more optimistic and positive.

Why you should download: This is your daily reminder to focus on the positive.


Don’t be alarmed, but this app might actually change your life! De-clutter from streams of emails, by quickly assessing their content and putting off a response until tomorrow, the weekend, or just “someday”. Think of it as a snooze button for emails you can’t deal with right now.

Why you should download: It helps you manage emails, leaving your more time for the important stuff!


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