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Jetting away for work or pleasure is one of life’s biggest adventures, but for those red-eye flights and long haul trips, it can often mean fatigue, dehydration and sometimes stress. To help you arrive in style, we’ve rounded up the best remedies to make sure you’re at your final destination refreshed and ready for action. Here’s how… Stay Active

  • We all know a good stretch of the legs can boost circulation, but there are a few yoga moves you can do in your tiny seat too. You’ll be less fidgety, feel energised and relieve stress from your muscles and mind with these simple exercises.
  • For long haul flights, think about including active airports as your stop over. Amsterdam Airport has free exercise bikes, Munich has a Fit & Fly Spa, there’s a golf club at South Korea’s Incheon, and Dallas claims to be the healthiest airport in the world, complete with it’s own walking track. Most of these sweat worthy airports are also equipped with showers, massage options and quiet areas to unwind and stretch out.

Stay Hydrated

  • This is the golden rule! Swap your alcohol and caffeine based in-flight drinks for herbal teas and water and you’ll keep your immunity in check and your stamina boosted.
  • For domestic flights pop a Cocobella in your luggage. It’s full of natural electrolytes, making it a refreshing and hydrating choice, and has no added sugar, and no artificial flavourings or colours.
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Shut Your Eyes, Quiet Your Mind

  • Maximise your opportunities for sleep before and during any travel. Use an eye mask and earplugs, and layer up with a blanket scarf and cosy loose clothing to keep you warm and uninterrupted.
  • Load up on meditation apps before you fly for a better sleep and to help you unwind on board. If your mind is wandering, take a notebook to plan and dream and empty your thoughts.

Whether it‘s a trip to the office or an exotic getaway, we can all strive for balanced, unrushed travel. It’ll keep us sane and sharp arriving in the best condition you can be for your new escape.

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