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If you’re looking for a lifestyle inspiration, look no further! With her love for food and her passion for promoting the plant-based lifestyle, 16-year old Sasha will surely inspire you. Going by the name EarthlingSasha, this young foodie runs her own podcast, her own blog, her own website, her own Youtube page, and her own Instagram that’s dedicated to plant-based living. That’s a lot for a 16-year old! Check out our interview with her and see for yourself.

We chatted with Sasha about her plant-based lifestyle, her take on people doing the “plant-based switch”, and what else is in store for her this 2019!

Hi Sasha! Thank you for chatting with us. So you have been living the plant-based life for three years now, what made you switch?

Hi, thank you for having me, it’s such an honour! I decided to give up my omnivorous diet when I was 13 for ethical, environmental and health reasons further down the track. It was a single moment that really sparked my switch. I saw how they prepared meat. I went home, did further research and decided to take the leap into the plant-based lifestyle.

What advice can you give to other young people who want to go plant-based?

My advice for young people who are considering doing the plant-based switch would be to figure out why you would like to do the switch in the first place. Is it because of environmental reasons? Is it because of health reasons? There are no right or wrong answers for this question, but from what I’ve observed, a lot of people are going plant-based only to give it all up a few weeks later. Knowing the reason as to why you want to go plant-based will make the switch easier.

Do you think there’s a trend amongst young people to adopt a plant-based diet? And what advice would you give to a young person who’s starting out on their plant-based lifestyle?

Recently, I have been seeing more young people switching to a plant-based diet which is amazing. With the help of social media, more people are seeing the positive effects of this kind of diet.

Moreover, I think it’s super important for any young person who is keen on doing the plant-based switch to first, get their blood levels checked and second, plan super well before going 100% plant-based. Knowing what you need to keep an eye out on will keep you healthy and will help you avoid any deficiencies!

If you could suggest one plant-based meal to someone who is just starting out with the plant-based diet, what would it be?

This is a hard one! You’d be quite surprised as to how many meals can be ‘veganised’! Probably simple meals like – pasta, curries, etc, which are easy to make and affordable would be at the top of my list only because these meals would give them the idea that going full plant-based does not necessarily mean that they would have to spend more.

Out of all of the recipes you’ve created, which one is your favourite and why?

Hmm, probably my Sweet and Spicy Korean tofu recipe! I love this dish because it embraces my Korean heritage, it’s high in protein, plus it’s absolutely delicious!

If you could only eat one thing forever, what would it be and why?

Watermelon! I love watermelon to the moon and back. I’ve always loved eating fruits. Give me watermelon, and I would love you.

What’s one ingredient you can’t live without? Why?

Oooh, another hard question! I’d have to say broccoli. Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables. It’s super versatile. You can steam it. You can bake it. You can add it in stir fry recipe.  You can even make patties with it!  It’s also packed with nutrients that will keep your body happy 🙂

What’s in store for Earthling Sasha in the next few months? Are you working on something right now?

EarthlingSasha has been a huge journey for me and I can definitely say that big things are coming in the following months! More exciting collaborations, recipes and there may or may not be collaborations happening with a cafe soon 😉

Can you share with us your top 5 food vloggers or bloggers to follow?

Nina Olsson (@nourish_atelier) – beautiful flavours and meals which make you want to reach into the screen!

Hannah Che (@hannah_chia) – she does incredible homestyle plant-based meals with a strong focus on asian food! Super gorgeous photography too.

Liz Miu (@itslizmiu) – one of my close friends on IG. She’s a bomb baker/chef who is constantly inspiring me to get creative in the kitchen!

Sukkari Life (@sukkarilife) – I love her youtube channel! It’s so fascinating to learn about another culture and the food they eat.

Bon Appetit (@bonappetitmag) – An incredible cooking resource for everyone and anyone! I love their youtube videos as well as scrolling through their blog!

We love hearing about how people enjoy their Cocobella. What are your favourite ways to use Cocobella coconut water or yoghurt?

I absolutely love using cocobella coconut yoghurt in my curries (as a replacement for coconut milk), spreads, dips and desserts! I love that the coconut flavour isn’t too overpowering. It’s also a great substitute for greek yoghurt!

Visit Sasha’s website here.

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